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Photo of a Virgin America plane on runway.

This week we announced that we’re joining forces with NASA on some pretty cool new technology. No, we’re not launching new routes to the moon (yet), but we are one of two airlines testing out new software developed by NASA that could help save our guests time in the air and reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

Photo of Virgin America flight attendants with San Francisco Giants mascot

When you think of your dream job, does mood lighting come to mind? For a few lucky interns, Virgin America makes that fantasy come to life with summer-long internships within VX Headquarters. In fact, as the Elevate Loyalty Marketing Intern, I’m writing this post under the glow of purple fluorescents in our Marketing Lounge.

A photo of Richard Branson holding guide lights on the ramp with a Virgin America plane in the background

One thing that sets us apart from other airlines is the fact that we’ve chosen a quirky moniker for each of our 53 beautiful planes. You may have noticed the names on the side of our aircraft if you’ve ever seen one of our planes up close from an airport window. Or maybe you’ve heard one of our InFlight Teammates announcing the name onboard one of our flights. If you’re Sir Richard… Read More

In this edition of Virgin America secrets, we’re giving you a behind-the-scenes look at our home base that is, SFO Terminal 2. We’ll let you in on a few hidden gems that are awaiting you on your next airport visit.

Photo of passengers on board a Virgin America plane.

Welcome back to Virgin America Secrets: In-Flight Edition. This week we’ll be dishing more exclusive inflight intel including: first flight honors, how to become the master of your melodies and the Red® suggestion box.

photo of a Virgin America airbus plane above the clouds

Working for an airline, everyone always wants to know the inside scoop. “When is the best time to book? Are there sales coming up? How do I get free upgrades? Does Sir Richard Branson wear boxers or briefs?” And although I don’t really have the answers to those questions, I have learned a few tricks after almost 7 years here at Virgin America. Plus, I’ve got a few pals in the know… Read More

This is a photo of a child watching a movie on an airplane.

As you can imagine, working for an airline comes with some pretty great travel perks, but when I became a mom two years ago, exercising those perks became a whole lot more difficult. Suddenly, my spontaneous jet-setting lifestyle was no longer feasible, and I had to re-learn how to travel with my little one in tow. I’m by no means an expert at traveling with kids, but given the holiday season is upon… Read More

Photo of a Virgin America plane on runway.

Have you ever heard what sounds like dogs barking as your Virgin America flight taxis to the gate after landing? No, it’s not a pack of hounds loose in the cargo hold (Virgin America, by the way, does not transport pets in cargo). What you’re hearing is the sound of the aircraft equalizing hydraulic pressure as the pilots use just one engine to taxi to the gate.  Single-engine taxiing is another way… Read More

Photo of a Virgin America flight simulator in warehouse.

 We talked to Capt. Christopher Owens, our chief instructor pilot, about how Virgin America uses our flight simulator. For those of you not familiar with professional flight simulators, think of it like a large machine that perfectly replicates our Airbus A320-family aircraft. The avionics and flight deck controls are exactly the same as those in our A320s, and the simulator mimics the motion and sounds pilots would normally feel and hear in… Read More