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Guests enjoy catching up on the latest movies and TV shows when traveling. The popularity of our streaming and tablet entertainment systems is proof. For a limited time, we’re taking it a step further by creating a movie theater-like experience at 35,000 ft. We’ve partnered with innovative French company SkyLights to pioneer a new immersive virtual reality (VR) headset. Wearing the headset is comparable to having a personal movie screen in front… Read More

Have you ever been stuck in traffic and thought: “There has got to be a better way to get where I’m going”? Pilots often think the same thing up in the air. In the hours before takeoff, airline dispatchers specifically plan flights and file flight plans using the best information available at the time. But conditions change: turbulent weather moves in, the airspace suddenly becomes more congested or better flying lanes open… Read More

Photo of a Virgin America plane on runway.

This week we announced that we’re joining forces with NASA on some pretty cool new technology. No, we’re not launching new routes to the moon (yet), but we are one of two airlines testing out new software developed by NASA that could help save our guests time in the air and reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

The mobile team at Alaska Airlines is all about saving travelers time and hassle. So when they received the developer kit for Apple’s brand-new Apple Watch – launching tomorrow – back in November, they couldn’t wait to get started. Four months of planning, customer interviews, field trips to the airport and many, many sticky note sketches later, they are ready to launch a simple, beautiful, wearable companion to Alaska’s award-winning mobile app… Read More