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Some arrived in wheelchairs. Others were aided by walkers or canes. Some came on the arm of a guardian. But all of the veterans who arrived at Alaska Airlines terminals in Seattle, Portland and Anchorage this fall stood tall. The veterans, men and women who served their country during World War II, the Korean War and the Alaska Territorial Guard, enjoyed once-in-a-lifetime visits to Washington, D.C. to visit the national monuments named… Read More

When the cruise ships and tour buses leave, and the weather starts to cool, the night sky in Alaska comes alive with bands of green, and sometimes red, lights. This phenomenon is known as the aurora borealis, or the Northern Lights. While the Northern Lights are often visible from various parts of the state, Fairbanks has the reputation for being one of the best places in the world for aurora viewing. Its… Read More

On Oct. 16, Julia Jette was half asleep in the Anchorage airport, waiting to board a red eye flight to Seattle, when she heard something unexpected. “We thought it was the announcement to start boarding, “ Jette said. Instead it was customer service agent Denise Snow, letting her passengers know that a fallen soldier’s ashes would be traveling on the plane and that she would like to sing in his honor. “Everyone… Read More

By Paul Frichtl, Alaska Airlines Magazine As a 16-year-old Nordstrom sales associate in the late 1970s, Craig Trounce was a legend in the making. That’s when he was working in the retailer’s Fairbanks store, and an old miner walked in with a pair of dirty, worn tires. The man had purchased the tires several years earlier, and had been told that if they didn’t work out for him, he could return them…. Read More

Winding through snow-capped mountains and lush green fields decorated with an array of colorful wildflowers is Alaska Railroad’s Coastal Classic Train. The four-hour, one-way train trip carries passengers from Anchorage to Seward in the summer months (May 9 to Sept. 13) and offers views of stunning glaciers and ample opportunity for photos and wildlife viewing.

A simple ferry ride turned into an Alaskan adventure for two fuzzy stuffed animals named Piglet and Aurora, when their owner accidentally left them behind. Petersburg, Alaska resident Lizzie Thompson had exchanged stuffed animals with family friends in Virginia for the summer, so their children could learn about each other’s homes through their stuffed animals’ adventures. Lizzie’s 8-year-old daughter Kate sent her stuffed blue-footed booby Albert to Virginia and Aurora, an orange… Read More

Photo via Alaska Dept. of Natural Resources Twitter (@AK_Forestry) An unusual number of wildfires in the state of Alaska over the past two weeks has required evacuations of many residents and some have lost their homes. Alaska Airlines’ operations in the state of Alaska have not been impacted to date, but the airline is doing what it can to help residents affected by the fires. Alaska employees are also in touch with… Read More

Tucked beneath the clouds that often cover Southeast Alaska is the small fishing town of Petersburg, located on Mitkof Island. With a population of 3,209 year-round residents, there are three canneries that bring in an additional 800 people during the summer months. And at first glance, there appears to be more boats in the harbor than people in the town. Not only is Petersburg home to one of the largest fisheries in… Read More

Phil and Jackie Pope.

As Phil Pope recovered from a stroke at a hospital near Seattle, the retired Alaska Airlines captain had a hankering for one particular thing: Chinese food from Pagoda Restaurant in North Pole, Alaska. That’s where he and wife Jackie Pope, an Alaska Airlines flight attendant, planned to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary Feb. 11, near the rustic cabin where they live every summer. Instead, Phil’s medical emergency grounded him in the intensive care unit… Read More

Alaska Airlines has been known for a lot of firsts. First airline to offer booking tickets on the Internet and first airline to guarantee your bags arrive on time. But passengers today would do a double-take if they had seen one of Alaska’s early firsts—first airline certified by the FAA to take off and land a Douglas DC-3 on skis!