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Alaska Airlines serves up 37,000 cups of coffee a day on its more than 900 daily flights, brewed using more than 250,000 pounds of Starbucks coffee each year. Ensuring that those grounds go back into the earth and not into the trash is the goal of a new composting effort at Alaska Airlines. Gardeners know that coffee grounds make for great plant food and that they are environmentally friendly. But gathering the… Read More

Sorting onboard recycling is not a clean job. It’s slimy, oozy, smelly and, sometimes, horrifyingly splattery. But believe it or not, it’s a coveted volunteer position at Alaska Air Group – so popular that there’s not always room for all of the hopeful volunteers. About six times each year, onboard food and beverage specialist Kathy Hues sends out an email calling for volunteers. And each time, a handful of employees meet bright… Read More