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Alaska Airlines CEO Brad Tilden is one of more than 160 U.S. business leaders to sign a “diversity and inclusion pledge” this week, the latest effort by the company to embrace diversity in all its forms. In signing, Tilden is committing Alaska Air Group to “to cultivate a workplace where different points of view are welcomed, where employees feel empowered to discuss tough issues at work, and where successful—and unsuccessful—practices can be… Read More

Imagine arriving at the airport and immediately feeling welcomed to a fresh, modern experience. You know you’ll reach your destination on time with minimal hassle, and the airline you’ve chosen offers consistently low fares and more nonstop flights to more destinations from the West Coast than any other. At your gate, you can’t help Shazaming every song on the upbeat playlist, and the overhead announcements tell you what you need to know… Read More

Many people are familiar with self-checkout at the grocery store – it can be a speedy and simple option when there are long lines or when purchasing just a few items. Imagine that ability, but with bags at the airport. Alaska Airlines is bringing this technology to the Los Angeles International Airport by piloting a “Scan and Fly” self-bag-drop process that started this week.

Alaska Airlines has an uncompromising commitment to safety and compliance. We put the safety of our passengers and our employees above all else. We have a zero tolerance policy for employees, including pilots, who fail alcohol and drug tests.  Mr. Arntson was immediately removed from duty. He refused to submit to an investigatory interview. Mr. Arnston left the company before we were able to complete an investigation that would have led to… Read More

There aren’t many places in this world where you can hike a volcano, paddle a river rapids, surf a breathtaking beach, trek through a rain forest and have a monkey steal your lunch—all in one day. Costa Rica, Alaska Airlines’ newest international destination, is a tropical paradise and mecca for eco-tourism, and now it’s just a nonstop flight away from Los Angeles. Ready to book your trip? Flights will be available for purchase… Read More