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For 25 years, Tom Douglas has been at the epicenter of Seattle’s restaurant scene. Now, this three-time James Beard award-winning chef is partnering with Alaska Airlines to bring his iconic flavors to Alaska Airlines customers. Beginning earlier this month, Alaska customers flying from our Seattle hub will be treated to a rotating selection of Tom Douglas signature items. The iconic chef and his team work to bring a flavor ‘punch’ to each… Read More

Alaska Airlines wrapped chicken banh mi sandwich

Fresh, spicy, delicious. Three words you might not necessarily associate with airplane food – unless, of course, you’ve been flying Alaska Airlines.


Back in 2007, before the explosion of the street food movement, a single vintage Airstream trailer roamed the streets of Seattle, serving tasty, innovative food from fresh, local ingredients. Each day, Skillet Street Food would send an email update to its hungry customers, letting them know where they could find Skillet’s signature lunch fare that day. “The idea of street food is something that really resonated. It just immediately took off,” says… Read More

Alaska Airlines flight attendants take notes on Alaska’s new wine offerings at Chateau Ste. Michelle in Woodinville, Washington.

Alaska Airlines flight attendants take notes on Alaska’s new wine offerings at Chateau Ste. Michelle in Woodinville, Washington. Deborah Chvila-Dols knows her wine. She and her husband are members of many wineries and travel to the country’s major wine events five to six times per year. But what the 10-year Alaska Airlines flight attendant particularly loves is sharing that passion with the customers she meets onboard. That’s why she and fellow oenophile… Read More

You don’t have to be at cruising altitude on “#TravelTuesday” to enjoy one of our favorite onboard cocktails. This refreshing take on a classic gin-orange buck (an old name for a cocktail with ginger) is shared by Erik Chapman, barman at Seattle’s Sun Liquor Distillery, a small, local business which produces the premium gin, rum and vodka served onboard Alaska Airlines flights. Flying today? Ask for orange juice and ginger ale with… Read More

Mmm, Mazatlán. Between its golden beaches, local seafood and renowned nightlife, it’s easy to see why this resort town on the Pacific Ocean is such a popular vacation destination. But for those who crave an experience that’s a little more off the beaten path, it’s worth a round of “what do the locals do?” Alaska Airlines customer service agent Karen Solis has lived most of her life in the “Pearl of the… Read More

A team of experts plate and sample every single dish before it is added to the menu. In this photo, Alaska Airlines onboard food and beverage product manager Kirsten Robinett examines a first class meal in a recent menu quality check. Pictured here: Cucina Fresca penne with herb-roasted chicken breast and broccoli florets. Let’s be frank. Meals don’t always taste so great at 35,000 feet. Why does airplane food taste so bad? Taste buds… Read More