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Scotland's celebrity kilt-maker

“How do you become a celebrity kilt maker? The guy who makes man skirts for the cool guys?” Howie Nicholsby, Edinburgh’s kilt maker to the stars, pours me a generous tumbler of whiskey before he answers my question.

Scotland's hunter-gatherer chef

“Come here girls!!!” I leap out of the pick-up truck parked haphazardly on the side of a too narrow country road and scamper up a muddy bank. “Oh, I wasn’t talking to you,” Tom Lewis tells me. “I was yelling for the pigs. Come on girls. Get your dinner!!” Before I can return to the truck, a hoard of hungry beasts barrel down the mountain towards Tom, kicking up mud and dung… Read More


The Loch Ness monster hunter is making me a cup of coffee and I just can’t stop thinking about how normal he seems. It was a little over twenty-five years ago that Steve Feltham gave up his house, his girlfriend and his job to move into a camper van at the end of a parking lot next to the stony beaches of Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands to search for a… Read More

Don’t call it hiking. That was the first thing I learned about hiking in the Scottish Highlands. It’s hill walking. Don’t forget it. “Hill walking! It makes more sense, love. It’s just walking in hills. Why do you Americans need another word for it?” a coffee barista in Edinburgh corrected me when I told her I planned to begin hiking the next day. I’m not sure why my friend Glynnis agreed to… Read More