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Photo of Virgin America Airbus 321neo aircraft in the sky

If you’ve stopped by lately, you may have noticed a shiny new seat map when you select a seat during the booking check-out process (pictured below). If so, you’ve just caught the first glimpse of our brand new Airbus A321 Neo aircraft.  We are putting the finishing touches on them right now in Hamburg and they are on track to start flying across the Virgin America network starting late May, 2017 – with all… Read More

A photo of Richard Branson holding guide lights on the ramp with a Virgin America plane in the background

One thing that sets us apart from other airlines is the fact that we’ve chosen a quirky moniker for each of our 53 beautiful planes. You may have noticed the names on the side of our aircraft if you’ve ever seen one of our planes up close from an airport window. Or maybe you’ve heard one of our InFlight Teammates announcing the name onboard one of our flights. If you’re Sir Richard… Read More

Photo of a Virgin America plane on runway.

Have you ever heard what sounds like dogs barking as your Virgin America flight taxis to the gate after landing? No, it’s not a pack of hounds loose in the cargo hold (Virgin America, by the way, does not transport pets in cargo). What you’re hearing is the sound of the aircraft equalizing hydraulic pressure as the pilots use just one engine to taxi to the gate.  Single-engine taxiing is another way… Read More

Photo of a Virgin America flight simulator in warehouse.

 We talked to Capt. Christopher Owens, our chief instructor pilot, about how Virgin America uses our flight simulator. For those of you not familiar with professional flight simulators, think of it like a large machine that perfectly replicates our Airbus A320-family aircraft. The avionics and flight deck controls are exactly the same as those in our A320s, and the simulator mimics the motion and sounds pilots would normally feel and hear in… Read More