7 tips for people who have never flown to Hawaii

Since our first flight to Hawaii 10 years ago today, Alaska Airlines has learned a thing a two about flying across the Pacific Ocean.

170227 hnl 0861 7 tips for people who have never flown to Hawaii

1. You’re not flying “from the U.S.”

Hawaii is part of the U.S., too! Instead, try “continental U.S.” or “the continent.” (Some people in Hawaii also avoid the term “mainland,” as it implies Hawaii isn’t “main.”)

2. Not everybody who lives in Hawaii is “Hawaiian.”

Only Native Hawaiians are Hawaiians. State residents are “local people” (or Hawaii residents, or kamaaina, etc.).

3. Bring your gear.

Alaska reduced our fee to only $25 for oversized sporting equipment, so that means you can easily bring your surfboard, golf clubs, bike or scuba gear. This deal also applies to hockey sticks, but you probably won’t need them.

4. Respect.

Respect the Islands, the locals, the culture, the volcanoes and the ocean. This is not an amusement park – you can get into trouble if you’re not aware of your surroundings.

5. You can bring home a box of pineapples.

For FREE on Alaska Airlines. But leave the lava rocks where you found them. Trust us on this one.

6. You can also bring a friend.

Because friends are more fun than pineapples. With Alaska’s Famous Companion Fare™ offer, for a limited time, buy a ticket and get one for just taxes and fees after qualifying purchases with a new Alaska Airlines Visa Signature® card. Apply now at WhoWillYouTake.com. #WhoWillYouTake

7. Celebrate with us!

In honor of our 10 years of service to Hawaii, we’re sending a lucky few residents of the continental U.S. (see how we said that?) on a dream vacation to one of the four Islands. For a chance to win, enter our Nonstop Aloha sweepstakes. For Hawaii residents, check out our Quest for the Golden Pineapple.

Good luck! Your pineapple is waiting.

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