Virgin America Secrets: The SFO T2 Edition

In this edition of Virgin America secrets, we’re giving you a behind-the-scenes look at our home base that is, SFO Terminal 2. We’ll let you in on a few hidden gems that are awaiting you on your next airport visit.

Secret 1: Ready to sweat it out or get your yogini OM on before your next flight? We’ll you’re in luck! Come visit the yoga room in T2 to Namaste on the fly.

Secret 2: Connect with your inner artiste before or after your flight at the SFO Museum. Take a stroll around T2 SFO and get lost in the beauty of its unique display of public art. The latest exhibition Classic Monsters: The Kirk Hammett Collection is surely not to be missed.

photo of a classic monster poster

Secret 3: Psst…Did you know there’s not one but TWO Peet’s Coffee & Tea in T2?! No more long lines! Rejoice!  One is located near Gate 54 and the other is hiding over by Gate 58b. You’re welcome.

Secret 4: After filling up on all the delicious eats & sweets SFO T2 has to offer – Napa Farms Market & Natalie’s Candy Jar, we’re looking at you ;), your little ones may need to let off some steam before you hop on the plane. Come check out the Kids’ Spot and let your child run wild.

Photo of artisan cheeses in a shop at the SFO Airport.

Secret 5: Jetting off into the sunset to meet that special someone? Is wanderlust calling your name and inspiring you to set out on  a new adventure? Or maybe you have a case of the nervous Nellie’s inflight? Either way, we have just the fix for you. Check out Vino Volo in SFO T2 for a delicious wine tasting and bites prior to your flight. It’s sure to take the edge off and set the mood.

Photo of a mural in the SFO terminal featuring birds and the Golden Gate Bridge.