Prepare to step into our stepped-up lounges

We’re investing in our airport lounges as part of a multi-year commitment to refresh and expand our portfolio. Here’s a preview of what’s coming to an Alaska Lounge near you.

What’s new

In the coming months, we’ll be enhancing our lounges in Portland, Anchorage, Los Angeles, and Seattle. Expect refreshed designs and amenities to make your lounge life even better. Here are a few of our favorite additions:

    • A refreshed look and feel featuring new comfortable furniture, warm finishes and a welcoming vibe;
    • Barista stations so that you can get your custom-crafted Starbucks® espresso beverages or loose-leaf Teavana® tea just the way you like them from an Alaska Lounge Barista; and
    • Meals for purchase, starting at just $8. You can buy fresh, filling, high-quality and affordable food to enjoy in the lounges or take to-go. This is in addition to our complimentary bites and beverages (more detail below).

    • Please excuse any disruptions as we complete these renovations.

      Opening soon

      Get ready for the new Alaska Lounge in Seattle. At over 15,800 square feet, our newest flagship lounge has it all. Prepare to relax by the grand fireplace or sip a local brew at the spacious bar while taking in the best runway views at Sea-Tac.

      In partnership with Graham Baba Architects, Alaska Airlines designed this lounge with the goal of creating a warm, relaxing and welcoming space that will make you want to arrive early to the airport.

      The lounge is scheduled to open during the first half of 2019 in Sea-Tac’s North Satellite terminal.

      Images: Graham Baba Architects, Executive architect: SRG Partnership

      Fresh bites & beverages

      We’ve enhanced our food offering. In the morning, indulge in a tasty variety of morning favorites like Greek yogurt, steel-cut oatmeal and freshly made pancakes, paired with our new Toppings Bar. Plus, enjoy hardboiled eggs, scones, bagels and fresh fruit.

      In the afternoon, choose from a seasonal salad, new hearty soups and rustic breads. And in the evening, enjoy veggies and hummus, cheese and crackers, and more. Plus, enjoy snacks, fresh fruit and, of course, cookies all afternoon and evening.

      Thirsty? Take a sip of our new Teavana teas – coming soon to all lounges. For the 21+ crowd, we’re introducing new West Coast wines, local brews and custom-crafted cocktails.

      Looking for something a bit more filling? Try one of our new meals for purchase, starting at only $8. Choose from an egg and brioche sandwich, asparagus + goat cheese omelet, flatbread pizza, chicken pesto panini or a Korean rice bowl. Enjoy in the lounge or to go. Available in Seattle (Concourse C), Los Angeles and New York. Coming soon to Portland and Anchorage.

      Lounge access

      Never experienced an Alaska Lounge? You can access our lounges by purchasing a membership or day pass. You are also welcome to visit if you’ve purchased a first class seat.

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112 Comments on “Prepare to step into our stepped-up lounges

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  2. Any updates when LAX will see lounge improvements, including both refurb and new food options ?
    I will be flying first class fully payed LAX-SFO, does this garantee access ?

    • Hi Poon, LAX lounge improvements will be starting very soon! You will have access if you purchased a first class ticket in F, P, D or A class.


    • Hi Lori, you won’t have lounge access by upgrading to premium class. If you buy a first class seat, you can visit an Alaska Lounge. Otherwise, you’re welcome to purchase a day pass or membership.

  4. Hey, I know this post is 3 months old, but I’m really excited because I just bought my first Alaska boardroom membership. I knew ahead of time that the PDX lounge was going to be refreshed, so no surprises here. Questions: (1) when will the pdx lounge be finished and will it include cocktail service? (2) what about a partner lounge access at Ft Lauderdale?

    • Hi Rob. Congrats on the new membership! We hope you enjoy your lounge access. To answer your questions, we’re hoping to wrap up Alaska Lounge renovations in PDX in the next month or two, and we’re hoping to expand our bar program in the near future. We don’t currently have a partner lounge at FLL, however we’re actively working to expand our partner network.

  5. I have been extremely disappointed in the Alaska lounges recently. We have been Boardroom members for many years. Lately it seems as though there is a limited amount of food and can hardly find a seat to sit in. Last few times in Seattle they were out of soup and salad. We also used to know many of the employees and now we know hardly any of the new ones. It’s just not the same!!

  6. I was totally taken back to see digiplayers were removed from flights. I flew 1st class on Nov 6 from Atlanta to Seattle and was informed digiplayers had been discontinued except on East Coast flights. When I informed the flight attendant that Atlanta was on the East Coast, she told me it wasn’t. She said I could use the Gogo Entertainment App, though was down so it was not up and running for this flight. I was disappoint that neither I or other MVP Gold members were informed of this change

    • That sounds like a frustrating experience, Carol. Our inflight entertainment tablets are available, in all cabins, on most coast-to-coast and Hawaii flights. You are also welcome to bring your own device.

  7. Would love to access the alaska lounge and purchase a membership but it would be absolutely pointless as they are closed whenever i need a place to relax in seatac..i would buy a membership if they were not closed everytime i have a night layover..why does everything in seatac close at 11pm? it is the most inconvenient airport. i hope with the new lounge it will have new operating hours!! : )

  8. Lovely that The Lower 48 will be so galantly treated. Meanwhile on any given night the Anchorage Alaska Lounge is packed in the middle of the night, the time most flights run in and out, with barely a chair, let alone a cushioned one. At least the self-serve pancake machine usually works, and often there is butter. Aleut Aleyeska!

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  10. i hope they can make that schedule of “first half of 2019” so i can check it out when i roll though SEA in July. I am most excited about the views from the lounge. Delta’s lounge offers pretty awesome views, pretty awesome if Alaska can top that.

  11. The meal choices on the flights are very poor and the quality at times is marginal. Also, in the lounges, wish there were similar options without having to pay an additional $8.00. Other lounges seen to offer more choices without charging an additional fee. The lounge is an expensive option and other than a place to relax has minimal benefits given the expense of the annual fee. I am a loyal Alaska flier since 1989 and truly appreciate Alaska airlines but it seems like the lounge offerings and food on the plane could be much better.

    • I agree. I am new to the Alaska Lounge but was disappointed in their limited offerings. My husband and I visited an Iceland Air Lounge and it was spectacular. Night and day comparison.
      Now to charge an additional fee. Unfortunately I will not be recommending the Alaska Airlines Lounge.

  12. I am disappointed and disgusted by the unsanitary way the Alaska Boardroom lounges are now offering food and condiments in bulk. As a frequent traveler and Gold MVP member I try to reduce exposure to cross contamination and illness when traveling so I stay well. I loved that you serve trusted brands and delivered them in individually wrapped/portion control options where I could be most assured someone had not dipped a serving utensil into something else, touched with their hands or recently witness licked the knife and put back in the food-Yuck!. Unfortunately, I took the 3 year membership renewal options this last time. Please, I beg you go back to what you were doing before, what you are doing not is not an elevation of service, but a step backwards.

  13. These sound like great changes! I hope there is TV free zone built into the new plans – please! Not all of us want to be yapped at everywhere we go, especially if we want to focus and/or relax.

    • Hi Kitara. We’re very excited about Paine Field. Nothing to share at this time, but stay tuned!

    • That would be excellent! I will be using Paine field all the time.
      Can I book a first flight?

      • Not yet, but we’ll let you know here on the blog when the time comes!

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  15. All fine and good, but what are you doing for your members who are forced to sit for hours in SFO?

    Not accceptable to have no solution there yet.

    • Hi Scott. SFO is a high priority and we’re continuing to explore potential lounge spaces. Thanks for your patience!

  16. As 75K Flyer I would encourage you to spend some of the quarterly profit introducing meals back to transcontinental flight 3+ hours or more – Delta is – and it is so appreciated by road warriors from Alaska who have little chance to eat well inflight. Work on your snacks and up the protein, healthy options ahead.

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