Sports equipment now flies for $25 on Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines has been busy behind the scenes looking for ways to make the travel experience as seamless as possible for our guests. And knowing that adventures are even more fun with the right gear, we’re reducing the charge for most sporting equipment starting today.

Yep, that’s right – starting July 19, most sporting equipment that may exceed our normal checked baggage weight and dimensions flies for only $25. This is a big win for sports enthusiasts and sports teams who can now take their gear along as one of their two checked bags for a fee of only $25. In the past, many of these items have carried a fee of $75. (See below for a whole list of items that now travel for just $25.)

Additionally, as an added benefit for our MVP Gold 75K, MVP Gold, MVP, First Class, and Club 49 guests—sporting equipment that was previously charged as oversized/overweight now counts towards their free checked baggage allowance. The same applies for the Alaska Airlines Visa Signature Card free checked bag.  Excess baggage charges may apply for items that exceed the free checked baggage allowance.

Alaska Airlines is happy to accommodate our guests traveling with sports equipment. We accept sports equipment items as checked baggage, provided each piece is properly packed in a soft- or hard-sided case designed specifically for the equipment.  Overweight fees will still apply if the packed sporting goods cases contain other items that make a case too heavy.

The new lower fee also applies to Horizon Air and SkyWest-operated flights and will be added to Virgin America at a later date.

Sporting equipment allowed on Alaska Airlines for $25 includes:

  • Archery
  • Bicycles
  • Boogie boards
  • Bowling
  • Golf Clubs
  • Skis/Snowboard
  • Fishing Equipment
  • Hockey/Lacrosse Equipment
  • Pole Vaults
  • Scuba Equipment
  • Skateboards
  • Surfboards/Paddleboards
  • Windsurfing Equipment

55 Comments on “Sports equipment now flies for $25 on Alaska Airlines

  1. Hi! My bike bag is two pieces – will I be charged for one or two bags?

  2. This is great, and I would like management to know that this is the reason I booked my latest trip on Alaska Airlines! It is good for business.

  3. I’m switching to Alaska for my business travel, this policy makes it so much easier to mix business and pleasure!

  4. I am planning a trip in September with my bicycle that will be in a hard case with linear dimensions totaling 90 inches and will weigh 45 lbs. To confirm, the charge will only be $25?
    Thank you!

  5. I just cut up my Million Miler Card from American Airlines after being charged $300 round trip for a 29 pound 68″ Bicycle Case. Alaska- you are my new airlines- thank you for being so considerate in supporting a healthy and active lifestyle! Cheers!

  6. Could you please consider dance costumes and shoes? Dancers heading out of state for regional or national competition fly your airline yet pay large fees for the equipment they need.

  7. Does a cardboard bike box suffice? Coming from Australia and then boarding with Alaska, going cycle touring so won’t have a ‘soft or hard’ case as I need to throw away the box.

  8. Thank you for this benefit. It makes a real difference for me in choosing to fly Alaska, whenever it’s an option.

  9. I have my road bike (16 lbs) packed by our bike store for my triathlon in Hawaii. It’ll be in a hard case. Do I need to tell Alaska ahead of time or do I just show up at the airport with my luggage and the bike? Can I put a ’tile’ in the box, so I can trace it?

  10. We are thrilled to see this! As triathletes living in Hawaii and traveling to the mainland or overseas for most races we were already booking Alaska whenever we could because We love the airline and the fees were more reasonable than the big players. We have complained many times to the big guys that bikes should be tried like skis, golf clubs etc. Now if you could only start flying between our beautiful islands and bring those bike fees down too (Hawaiian charges $35!).

    Mahalo Nui Loa!

    Alison and Joe Simmons
    Haiku, HI

  11. I have softball equipment in large roll bag that measures 76 linear inches will that be ok for this discount??

  12. What about kiteboarding gear? Fits into the same (or smaller) size bags as windsurfing or surf/SUP gear.

  13. Why are the following not included on the list?
    Skimboards (these are not surfboards nor boogie boards)
    Wakeboards & wakeskates (own category which could include twintip kiteboards)
    Kites & kiteboards (twintips and hydrofoils) Are these considered windsurfing (sailboard) equipment? This needs to be clarified!
    Kayaks & canoes
    Paddelboard dimension restrictions? Many hard boards are on average 10-14 feet x 2-3 feet

    • Surf/paddleboards will not be accepted on flights operated by Horizon or SkyWest if the combined linear dimensions exceed 115 inches. For flights operated by Alaska Airlines, the maximum length in length alone is 115 inches. You can find more details about specific dimensions here.

  14. Climbing equipment isn’t listed, and bouldering pads are light but oversized. Would it be possible to get these added to the list?

  15. Thank you! We are hosting a UCI Cyclcross race in Sacramento and direct flights from Seattle, Portland, Boise, and San Diego, with inexpensive bike portage will help more racers attend. We’re trying to let our friends in those cities know! #WestCoastCyclocrossParty #WSCXGP!

  16. Look into allowing whitewater kayaks. You have a large base of customers at PDX, SEA, EUG, RDM, BOI, MSO, BZN and YVR that would love you for allowing them at all. These boats generally about 50 lbs, under 9′ x 2′ x 2′, and are designed to hit rocks. Other airlines, namely American, United and Delta, openly ban them. They come with handles and can’t be broken easily.

  17. Does a large cooler full of fish count as “fishing equipment”?

  18. Aloha Alaska Air,
    This is great! Thanks for making travel more accessible to cyclists and other sports!
    I am the Events Director for the Honolulu Century Ride. We’re looking for more ways to get mainland USA cyclists to participate and high cost of bicycles as baggage was certainly a deterrent. Who would be the best person at Alaska Airlines to talk to about special promotions and sponsorship options? Mahalo!

  19. What about the smaller 10 ft kayaks? Not the larger ocean going but the smaller type, which are about the size (or smaller!) of paddle boards?

  20. LOVE this and love Alaska Air. I don’t fly anyone else if I have the choice. And now I get to bring my bike when I travel!

  21. Now a no brainer on which airline to take on my windsurfing trips to Maui. Awesome!

  22. If you guys only had a partner airline that flies to Poland:(
    I would immediately drop unholy United and join your frequent traveler,
    Great marketing idea to get successful sporty young generation on the list of your loyal customers!

  23. How about the armor and (not sharp) weaponry used in historical reenactment battles?

  24. Excellent news. Another reason to stay loyal to Alaska Air. Thank you.

  25. YES!!! Thank you and this makes Alaska my main airline now as I always travel with bikes.

  26. From the entire cycling community, thank you. This is a big deal!

    • Wondering how to pack a bicycle to take on flight? Used to get a bike box from UAL, but that was years ago…does AKAir have bike boxes? Any advice from biking community? Thanx

  27. There’s a scuba tank in the photo. So compressed air tanks can be checked?

  28. The best airline just got better. You guys really rock…thank you!

  29. I travel every year with bowling balls, softball bags & golf clubs and I Iove this break in charges I will finally get as a Gold member or for excessive baggage. Thanks to Alaska Air once again.

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