Russell Wilson to graduates: Savor the journey, but there’s no time to sleep

Just days away from graduation, hundreds of seniors from Highline Public Schools near Seattle went on a special “field trip” with Alaska’s Chief Football Officer Russell Wilson at the Museum of Flight. Joined by Alaska CEO Brad Tilden and NASA Astronaut Dottie Metcalf-Lindenburger, students were applauded for their academic excellence and encouraged to define their own future.

“If your dreams seem out of this world, that’s OK – sometimes that’s where they’ll lead you,” said Metcalf-Lindenburger, the first alumna of Space Camp to go to space, adding “leading doesn’t just mean that others follow, but that you show others the way.”

7m7a7016 Russell Wilson to graduates: Savor the journey, but there’s no time to sleepCEO Brad Tilden and Russell Wilson, on behalf of Alaska Airlines, presented a few exceptional graduates with scholarships to support them on the next leg of their journey. Each of the recipients has an inspiring personal story. With diverse future ambitions, these students will set forth after graduation with goals ranging from mechanical engineering to community literacy efforts.

“As a quarterback, my goals are to be consistent, clutch and dominant. That’s what drives me,” Wilson said. “Find what drives you, what you love and are passionate about, and be relentless in your pursuit. That’s why I say there’s NoTime2Sleep. Early morning and late nights are key to it all.”

Despite the advice to put in long hours in pursuit of their dreams, Russell and the other speakers urged the students to take time to celebrate their achievements along the way and, most importantly, to savor the journey.

No Time To Sleep: Graduation celebration

Photos by John Lok

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