Overhead bin. FC

overhead bin fc e1490225605468 Overhead bin. FC

4 Comments on “Overhead bin. FC

  1. For all of the forecasted changes, this will be the most welcomed!!! I have traveled Alaska for many years and what sets you as the same is overhead space. This will make you truly leaps above the others.

  2. The proposed design is good, but it feels so confining when the bids are down. A real head banger if you have a window seat. Too bad there is not a way to place luggage under the seat and keep a very small overhead compartment for small carry on items.

  3. I like the concept of being able to place carry-on luggage on it’s side and allowing more room for carry-ons. Thank you for always keeping passenger comfort, ease of boarding and de-boarding in mind, while keeping safety first! Alaska Airlines is the best in my eyes!

  4. As a Virgin America long time flyer, I hope you will consider the free checked bag feature. I have the Virgin CC and really value the ability to board early. It is a small perk but one that is a real plus. I really like the idea of the mood lighting but would opt for something other than blue… maybe purple.

    The safety video is wonderful. Consider developing something similar in place of the boring talks by the cabin crew.

    Look forward to flying Alaska AA.

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