Mood lighting. full cabin

mood lighting full cabin e1490225561657 Mood lighting. full cabin

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  1. It sure would be nice to see brighter colors than such staid and somber slate grey seats and pale grey sidewalls. I remember how warm and inviting airplane cabins were back in the seventies. Even Alaska – when they introduced the 727-200s – had bright and welcoming orangish/red seats that were well padded and extremely comfortable. Most of these next generation leather seats are rock hard by comparison. Life sure would be easier if I’d been born thirty years later and had never experienced domestic U.S. flying at its best back then.

  2. The mood lighting is one of the things that first impressed me on Virgin flights.
    It is a great idea to get rid of the full bulkhead between 1st class and main cabin. It feels more open and the people sitting in the first row of the main cabin have legroom and under seat storage.

    However, if you really want to redesign the cabin, Why do do just that? Change the entry to the plane just behind first class. Locate the restrooms just behind first class.