Alaska adds new discount for pets of military members

Members of the U.S. military frequently have to move themselves and their families all over the country. Moving can be stressful to begin with, but that stress is compounded when a family pet is involved.

Alaska Air Cargo is helping to reduce moving costs for military personnel and their four-legged family members with a new discount, allowing active military members to ship their pets for $150 plus tax, no matter where they fly. The normal price to ship a dog on Alaska can range between $250 and $350 plus tax. Sometimes it can be as high as $600 to $700.

“Alaska Air Cargo is honored to be able to extend a discount to our military customers” said Betsy Bacon, managing director, Alaska Air Cargo. “Those who serve our country are deserving of our gratitude and this is just one way we can show how much we appreciate them.”

Any active-duty member of the military can ship their pet using the discount by showing their military ID.

“Many Alaska employees asked if it would be possible to honor our men and women in uniform by offering a discount,” Bacon said. “We thought it was a great idea, so we made it happen.”

Alaska Airlines’ policy on traveling with pets

Alaska Airlines no longer accepts Brachycephalic or “short-nosed” animals in the cargo compartment. Only pets in good health are permitted to travel.

All pets traveling in the cargo compartment are required to have a health certificate dated within 10 days of outbound travel and 30 days of return travel. A health certificate will not be required for pets traveling in the cabin with their passenger, however, many states have specific importation health and vaccination requirements. It is recommended to contact the State Veterinarian at your destination prior to travel to determine necessary documentation (such as health and cold weather acclimation certificates) and vaccination requirements.

For more information on traveling with pets on Alaska Airlines, visit

13 comments on "Alaska adds new discount for pets of military members"

  1. Does this rate apply if the pet is shipped alone or only when the pet is traveling with the family? We are planning to ship our dog to my in laws and the rest of the family is driving!

  2. thank you! My husband has been active duty for 18 years and the most stressful part of our last pcs move was the cost of taking our pets with us. After paying $2400 out of our own pocket they are with us but it was very difficult. I wish you flew to Japan ????

  3. This is great for military families but it’s not great for my military family since they no longer ship “short nosed dogs” . I don’t get to enjoy this fantastic deal and awesome airline.

  4. Is there a discount for pets in the cabin? It is normally $100 each way. That’s more expensive than my ticket.

  5. We are retired military and also civil servants traveling to our next duty station in military orders. Do we qualify? We could use a break and are still serving after 33 years!

    • Hi Melissa – right now this discount is for current military members only, however a representative from our cargo offices will be reaching out via email to discuss your specific situation.

  6. This is great. But does the discount also apply to spouses of active-duty members? Our active duty family member is not always with us when we need to fly?

  7. As a military spouse, thank you, I already choose to fly Alaska but this is just one more reason I want to do business with Alaska Airlines. We appreciate this kind gesture.

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