Oh, Snap! Our Snapchat filter has landed

Photo of people taking selfies with Virgin America snapchat filter - features a plane window withe the Virgin America logo.

As part of our mission to make flying fun again, Virgin America has today become the first airline to run always-on brand Snapchat GeoFilters over its airport terminals  (SFO, LAX, SEA, DEN and JFK).  We have become pretty addicted to Snapchat (follow us: VirginAmerica), and we know our guests love it too – as a way to share their travel adventures with their friends and show when they’re flying Virgin America.

With the new Virgin America brand geofilter, it’s now even easier and even more fun to show off where you’re going by taking a moodlit selfie at the departure gate or onboard from the aircraft before we take to the sky.  We’ve even added in a special placeholder “Wheels up____” so you can tell your friends exactly where you’re headed.

Let’s face it (pun intended) – our love for selfies has been known for some time. As one of the first airlines in the world to embrace social media and as the first U.S. airline to offer fleetwide WiFi, we’ve had a lot of fun over the years with selfies as a way to show off our amazing guests. One of our favorite memories dates back to 2014 when Virgin America rang the opening bell at the NASDAQ stock exchange. To celebrate the milestone, we encouraged our guests to tweet their selfies from the sky, which we then live-streamed to the NASDAQ tower in Times Square. You all looked even more beautiful in skyscraper scale!

 We had a lot of fun coming up with new filter and thanks to our friends at Snapchat, we’re going to mix it up each month so your Snapchat stories stay fresh.  Keep an eye out for the new filter before your next Virgin America flight from SFO, LAX, DEN, JFK and SEA and don’t forget to follow Virgin America on Snapchat to see what we’re up to!