#iFlyAlaska: See the top photos from our flyers in 2017

People, places, planes! In 2017, we saw more than 58,000 mentions of #iFlyAlaska across social media. Our guests shared stories of employees going above and beyond for them, stunning landscapes from Alaska to Costa Rica, and many shots from the wing. We’re closing out the year with some of our favorites.

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Would you swim here? Yes or no?

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My favorite adventure buddy helping me catch the magic of Bruarfoss for #waterfallwednesday ✨ . I use my GoPro hero5 black for like half of my posts on here. It’s super small and lightweight, which makes it perfect for taking on long hikes or any outdoor adventure. It’s also super durable and not to mention it takes amazing pictures and video. It’s definitely in my top 5 items on my packing list when I travel and it’s always in my hand (or on one of its many mounts) when I’m out and about. . How many of you use @gopro when traveling?? Which is your favorite mount to use?? . And I promise this isn’t sponsored, I just really really love it! I would probably keel over if gopro asked to sponsor me 😅 . #iflyalaska @darling @alaskaair

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Quick 48 hour trip to Alaska, "weekend warrior" style. Just 13 combined hours of daylight to squeeze in as much running, hiking, and ice climbing as we could. Overall, I think we did a pretty good job with all of the above, despite freezing our butts off (warm PNW winters have made us soft 😂). It was my first time in Alaska, and definitely not my last. Everything is bigger here and I love it! It's pretty cool what you can do and see in just 48 hours… and what a difference taking a mini weekend vacation can have on your mental health. It can be hard (if not impossible sometimes) to balance work with play, so it's always nice when you have the opportunity to get out into the wild and reset before starting yet another 50+ hour work week. Work hard, play harder, right? PC: @matthasenohr #workhardplayhard #salomonsquad #YOLO

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