Alaska and Virgin America: Creating an airline people love

Imagine arriving at the airport and immediately feeling welcomed to a fresh, modern experience.

You know you’ll reach your destination on time with minimal hassle, and the airline you’ve chosen offers consistently low fares and more nonstop flights to more destinations from the West Coast than any other. At your gate, you can’t help Shazaming every song on the upbeat playlist, and the overhead announcements tell you what you need to know with a healthy dose of fun.

On the plane, you make your way to a comfortable leather seat in a mood-lit cabin. For the next three hours, you’ll enjoy fresh, West Coast-inspired food and drinks; Free Chat with friends and family on the ground via iMessage, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp; and all the free movies you have time to watch. Not to mention the personal power outlets throughout the cabin, so your devices arrive at your destination as ready for adventure as you are.

Your airline is unconventional, just like you are.

It’s 2019 and this is how we’re defining the future of Alaska Airlines. Every element from the most functional (the welcome message on the airport kiosk) to most expressive (the lights and music brightening the lobby) has been carefully curated with the idea of making each travel experience truly enjoyable.

After months of research and in-depth conversations with fliers, we’ve made the difficult decision to retire the Virgin America name and logo likely sometime in 2019. However, many of the elements you love about Virgin America will live on, paired with Alaska’s unbeatable performance and top-rated customer service. Our colleagues at Virgin America built something truly amazing over the past decade, and it’s our goal to honor what they achieved while taking it one step further.

After months of in-depth conversations with loyal Virgin America guests and long-time Alaska fans, we’re ready to take what we’ve learned and make it reality – with a twist.

New and expanded amenities:

Low fares and convenient flights to the places you want to go

Alaska and Virgin America have been actively growing their newly combined networks since officially merging in December 2016. Earlier this month, we announced 21 new markets with 25 new daily departures out of San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles and San Jose, California – marking the largest addition of routes in company history.

Modern, warm and welcoming vibe

You’ll begin to see some of the new Alaska brand personality come to life throughout 2017, to create a warm and welcoming West Coast vibe throughout the guest journey. Music from fresh new artists will be featured on planes, in airport lobbies and at gates. In 2018, we’ll debut an entirely redesigned cabin with new seats and amenities, and we’ve already started to retrofit select Boeing aircraft with expressive blue mood lighting. Modern, stylish uniforms by fashion designer Luly Yang will roll out in mid-2019 for flight attendants, customer service agents, pilots, mechanics and ground crew.

Reliable, high-speed Internet

Many of the fliers surveyed shared that they’re frustrated with unreliable in-flight Wi-Fi. Alaska’s leaders heard them loud and clear, and beginning in fall 2018 will be retrofitting all Boeing passenger jets with high-speed satellite Wi-Fi (fast enough to watch movies or TV shows via your favorite streaming service!), with the remainder of the Airbus fleet to follow. Both fleets are planned to be fully satellite-equipped by the end of 2019.

More premium seats

Earlier this year, Alaska introduced a brand-new Premium Class seating section with 35 inches of pitch and complimentary beer, wine and cocktails. Beginning in the fourth quarter of 2018, the airline will add 18 new Premium Class seats to Airbus aircraft, as well as adding first class seats (going from eight seats to 12) customized for enhanced comfort: 41 inches of pitch, improved seatback storage pockets, cup holders, footrests and personal power outlets throughout the cabin.

More rewards

In 2018, Alaska Mileage Plan will become the sole loyalty program for both airlines, offering guests more rewards, an expansive global partner network and the only major airline loyalty program that still rewards a mile flown with a mile earned on Alaska and Virgin America flights. Members of Alaska Mileage Plan enjoy some of the most generous benefits in the industry including complimentary upgrades, award travel starting at 5,000 miles one-way (plus taxes and fees) and a faster path to elite status compared to other airlines. With Alaska and Alaska Global Partners, members can earn and redeem miles to more than 900 destinations worldwide.

Complimentary upgrades

With expanded premium seating options comes more opportunities for complimentary upgrades for elite loyalty program members. Alaska’s elite-level frequent fliers enjoy the industry’s most generous upgrade policy. Mileage Plan MVP Golds and above are upgraded to First Class or Premium Class 75 percent of the time (based on average historic system wide rates of upgrade) on Alaska Airlines flights. Complimentary upgrades on Airbus flights will debut for the first time ever in late 2018 – a brand-new perk for Virgin America elites.

Free movies

In January, we made our entire catalog of more than 200 direct-to-your-device premium in-flight movies and TV shows free. Starting now, free entertainment on guests’ own devices will be a permanent feature on our Boeing fleet and the same free library of movies and TV shows will expand to Airbus aircraft via Red entertainment system in August 2017. Guests on Airbus aircraft will continue to enjoy access to early release movies for purchase.

Free Chat

Also in January, Alaska debuted Free Chat onboard, allowing guests to stay connected to friends and family on the ground via Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and iMessage. In August 2017, we’ll introduce Free Chat to Airbus-operated flights.

West Coast-inspired food and beverage

Together with Virgin America, we’re continuing to enhance our fresh, healthy, West Coast-inspired onboard food and beverage menus. Guests of both airlines enjoy craft brews, premium wines and delicious food options. By June 2017, Alaska First Class passengers will be able to pre-select meals before they fly, and by early 2018, Alaska’s Main Cabin passengers will be able to pre-pay for their meals before they fly. Food pre-ordering will be extended to Airbus flights sometime in the future

Lounge expansion

By early 2019, guests will enjoy refreshed and expanded airport lounges in Seattle, Portland and Los Angeles. Alaska also plans to build brand-new lounges in San Francisco and at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport. Together, the expansion plans will double the square footage of our existing airport lounges. And don’t forget – Alaska Lounge members also enjoy access to more than 60 partner lounges throughout the United States and around the world.

What other elements or amenities would you love to see onboard in the future?

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  1. I don’t know how you do it but your service is by far the best in the industry. Keep doing what you do from a training perspective. Your flight attendants are the most attentive in the business and 99*% of them have a GREAT attitude. That can’t be said for the competitors.

    Your loyal Gold member.

  2. Please, Alaska, NO MUSIC AT THE GATE OR THE LOBBY! It doesn’t matter how “fresh” the artists are (or “classic” either), there is nothing nothing that sets a welcoming mood more than simple, peaceful silence. PDX Airport is a terrific example of this — please, please, don’t force music on us. Let it be!

  3. What are your plans for smaller planes like the ones that fly to Santa Rosa? Are they becoming more comfortable and better too? Are they becoming more frequent?

  4. how about keeping the vibe from Virgin American – understand entertainment console on board is a big plus…….ordering food when you want is a HUGE PLUS!!!! I don’t see Alaska doing any of those!

  5. I am really sadden to see the Virgin America logo being replaced. Alaska Airlines doesn’t have the same ring to it. I hope that Alaska Airline can carry on the tradition of hip advertising, dependability, comfortablity, and consistency. The staff at Virgin America were always customer centric. Polite, professional, courteous and approachable.–From flight crews to reservationists. You could also tell that people enjoyed working for Virgin America. Good luck Alaska Air. You have large shoes to fill

  6. Alaska my favorite airline. They have provided me with the most comfortable flights and that is due very much to the extremely friendly flight attendants!

  7. The most important amenity is legroom. Thirty two inches of pitch is a bare minimum. Thirty three inches would be so nice! As a 6 foot tall man, I shouldn’t have to buy a premium seat to be comfortable! Have some of your taller executives fly to Hawaii with 31 inches of pitch!

  8. Love Alaska. Great direct flights from Seattle to FLL or MCO. Great customer service. Love the direct flights from Seattle to Florida. Excited to now have Virgin option to go from FLL to LAX.

    New slim line seats lack padding and comfort. And it would be great if those floor boxes could be put under floor, seriously they take up have the leg room. For 6 HR flights it gets quite uncomfortable.

    I hope this new premium class doesn’t come at the cost of even less leg room for coach. I know it will never happen, but remember when flying was enjoyable? With big seats, and lots of leg room, free food service and movies? No luggage charge? Sadly the Canadian Alaska Mastercard doesn’t come with free luggage. It would be nice if on the 24 HR online check in if you have an Alaska card fee would be waived for Canadian Card.

    Love that inflight entertainment will be free! Like it used to be. When flying used to be enjoyable.

  9. I joined up with Alaska Airlines in the days when you could fly directly from Vancouver to San Francisco and Los Angeles. Nowadays, you have to connect in Seattle, with a small prop plane taking you to and from Vancouver, because. You lost a lot of business from me, and I am sure many others, when that was done. How can you treat a major travel destination like Vancouver like a backwater town? I hope with the expansion you bring back those direct flights.

  10. Alaska does a fantastic job as does Delta (the only two airlines I fly). I do get tired of all the complaining. It is an amazing feat to get an aircraft loaded and pushed back and off the ground with all the constant challenges that arise. If you want all the amenities of a private Gulfstream, buy one…otherwise enjoy the ride and respect the flight attendants and pilots and everyone else you come into contact with throughout your travels. Smile and relax and mind your manners, the universe does not center around you.

  11. I just wish the airline would leave some standard flight times alone. I fly to get back and forth to work/home. When the airline messes with certain morning flight times it means I don’t get home to my family till later. Some other things to improve the airline would be more direct flights to Spokane and other smaller airports in CA such as ONT or LGB. A nice option would be able to have the ability to pay ahead for a years worth of flights at a standard price and pick your seat 1-2 months before travel.

  12. But will you match my status to any degree that I’ve accumulated on Delta as a Diamond Medallion? It’s hard as a business traveler to take the knock down, even though I’d love to support local.

  13. You need to seriously upgrade First Class. Having flown a couple flights of both United and Alaska First Class recently, your First Class is seriously lacking. I suggest upgrading your seats like United’s new ones, upgrading your meals – the ones I got on your flights were simply horrible, the United meals were quite good, and offering drinks in First Class as soon as one boards like other airlines do. United has returned to serving hot nuts in First Class, too. Alaska has been left behind in First Class service.

  14. Will Alaska Airlines include travel from Sacramento, CA to Southern California any time soon. We moved from Washington State to Sacramento in 2014 and miss being able to fly Alaska to and from Southern California.

  15. What I was really hoping for, Alaska, was that you would integrate Virgin America’s influential guy service model of in-seat on-deman food and beverage service. That was a truly innovative break from the cart-in-the-aisle standard.

  16. As you refit aircraft, please resist using the “new improved seats” that are on your newer planes. I fly the SEA-CHS route frequently and those new seats are NOT COMFORTABLE for a 4-5 hour flight in coach. They are poorly padded and the seat depth is too short–more leg room but less leg in the actual seat. I really hate them.

  17. I am hoping the expansion of routes will include a non-stop from the Missoula MT area to the San Francisco CA area. Having to run through the Seattle or Portland airport to make a connection can be extremely difficult. Thank you.

  18. Just keep your great Alaskan Airlines customer service and very friendly, helpful flight attendants. This is critical!! Make sure assimilated employees understand that is what makes Alaska Air great!

  19. After many years as an Alaska customer, I took my first Virgin flight recently. The safety video was perfect. It should be adopted with as few changes as possible! I also enjoyed the seat back ordering system for food and beverages. This is a more pleasant experience than the current Alaska system. From previous comments, it sounds like this is slated to go away. I hope you will reconsider. If my experience is any guide, you may find that you are selling more food and beverage on Virgin than Alaska. Pre-ordering is NOT the same thing!

    • I second this post! I am an avid VX flier and the food and drink ordering system the best of any airline I have EVER flown! I like that the drink cart only goes through once and then it is up to you to order. This keeps the aisles open. I hope you adopt the technology. Also, while many people have iPads or other tablet devices, I think you’ll find the majority of people that fly VX using their in-flight infotainment system. I have to say that the aforementioned and VX amazing customer service is why they are my first choice when flying. I am praying the Alaska really looks at why people chose VX and keep the same great qualities. I could care less if you retire the name VX and change the mood lighting. But the in-flight experience needs to stay on par or better!

    • Mike. I have never flown on Alaska.

      The thought of losing Virgin deeply saddens me. They made flying fun again, something to be looked forward to rather than merely endured. I have flown Virgin as frequently as possible since they were born. Virgin had so many innovations that I loved including, as you mention, the back of seat ordering your meal. Don’t forget that this also meant you could get your meal or beverage when you wanted it and not on some silly schedule. Also, who could ever forget the Victoria Seceret model show on a flight from JFK to the West coast? The mood lighting, the awesome entertainment system regardless of seat class. The comfortable seats regardless of seat class. New planes when the other West coast airlines were flying heavily used / worn aircraft. I could go on.

      Alaska, good luck. You bought an exceptional carrier. Learn from them. Improve on it if you can.Whatever you do, don’t stop making flying fun again.

      • I could not agree more with James. I have been a loyal Virgin American Flier since they first started. I am deeply saddened at the merger but I am happy to see how Alaska has communicated with customers over the past few months. I really hope Alaska takes on some of what made Virgin so special: mood lighting, the in seat ordering, leather seats for all classes, and a trendier experience than you would have with any other airline! I fly Alaska in two weeks with partner airline Emirates to Dubai and I hope to see some of the new changes already taking place!

    • The seat back order system!! My favorite thing about Virgin was ordering a drink while taxiing out and having it delivered as soon as we were in the air. My second favorite thing were the small water bottles available to you as you walked onto the plane. Small things but it made all the difference to the flight experience.

    • We all pay a lot of money even coach. I hate the way some first classs people have acted so superior. Some of the things I have read disgust me…people from coach coming up to use the bathroom and that bothers our elite first class people!!?? I have a lot of back problems but can’t afford first class so would be very happy to have enlarged more comfortable seats and more leg room and the kind of service first class experiences when it comes to food and drink. That would make the airline superior to others for sure! You might say, “why should we pay more in first class then?” You shouldn’t. All seats should be the same as well as reasonable prices and service!! And all people should be treated equal because we are! Money or not!

    • I have flown Virgin America several times (BOS to SFO) and really appreciate the seat back ordering system for food/beverages. The only change I recommend is to list all ingredients of items on the menu pages. For example, those of us with a serious allergy to tree nuts do not appreciate learning–only upon food delivery–that the salad we ordered is sprinkled with pine nuts on top. Thanks for taking this into account.

  20. Roomier main cabin seats!! Make them at least a little more bearable. And stop charging people for the extra responsibility of sitting in exit rows, that was a new “feature” that shocked me when I flew last month. Alaska should pay US for this service.

    • Valerie makes a good point: Don’t charge people who sit in over-the-wing exit rows an extra fee to initiate an emergency evacuation.

      • Yeah, after trying that a few times thinking I’d be more comfortable with more leg room, I realized it’s one of the worst places to sit. Too far from the window and over the wing give bad views, window was leaking water and air, very loud over the wing, can’t recline seats, can’t reach my bag in the seat in front of me with my seatbelt on, to much room doesn’t trap heat & feet were so cold I couldn’t feel them by the end of my 4 hour flight, weird & uncomfortable mini arm rest next to window that makes it hard to lean over to sleep. On top of that you have to pay extra to be more uncomfortable. So nope to that scam from now on.

  21. Molon Labe Designs has a new seat design and I was wondering if Alaska has looked into trying these out?

  22. Will Alaska still be participating in the Priority Pass program? I’m excited to hear the lounges are being upgraded, and hope they’ll continue to be available through that program.

  23. Do a better job of keeping coach people out of first class. I pay full fare for first class and expect it to be quieter and less-trafficked. Your staff let everybody migrate up to the front, never saying NO. You need to enforce this. Other airlines do a much better job of this.

    • I disagree the handicap and premium class should be allowed to use First Class restroom when the food or beverage cart blocks the aisle . This is what 70% of the flight attendant’s do now.

    • I fly first class too and respectfully disagree with Dianne. Let’s allow everybody to use the bathroom when there’s a cart in the aisle or a long line in the back. Alaska Flight Attendants do the PERFECT level of bringing us all together while still respecting the important rules.

      • I did not mind coach passengers using our first class bathroom, but when they get “Ready, Set, Go” and the second that the bathroom door opens for a passenger to exit, a coach passenger would RUN up from behind the coach section to get ready to go into the bathroom, not giving other first class passengers a chance to get up and walk up to the bathroom door. It got so bad that I had to stand up and wait in the aisle, next to my first class seat, for the bathroom occupant to use the bathroom and then open the door, and then walk up there myself. First class should have priority in the first class bathroom without having to stand and black the aisle to keep coach passengers from rushing up there to use it first.

    • It’s a nice thought, Diane, but you have to have some sympathy for passengers in the first 10 rows of coach. With carts almost constantly in the aisle, it can be difficult for them to fight their way to the restrooms in the back. I’m a Million Miler, and I never mind accommodating those folks in my first class cabin space because I understand their plight. Catch the Alaska spirit, and just give them a smile!

      • Agree 100% with Andy and Marc, and thank them. As a woman who’s been known to need to get up a time or two and felt trapped by carts, I particularly appreciate their generosity of spirit. I’ve been MVP or MVP Gold for 29 consecutive years (!?!), for many reasons. Among them: the flight attendants. No group, on any airline (domestic or int’l) runs a cabin better. I’m often fortunate enough to be up front, and never have sensed any intrusion when a coach passenger comes forward. Another reason: Alaska spirit.

    • I disagree–if the cart is in the isle and one must get to the toilet—one must be able to get to the toilet in first class. Always allow this. Never bothers me.

    • Yes we agree, noticing much coach traffic through first on flights both to and from Kauai over the past 2-3 years

    • Neither flight attendants nor flight crew have the power to deny the use of lavatories on either end of plane, no matter their seat status. The only aspect they can control is to keep line from forming in forward lavs in 1st class. Try not being so pompous to claim a status you feel entitlement to simply because you upgrade with miles, etc. People in coach are no more animals and/or lesser sophisticated than yourself or anyone else in the first 6 rows of the aircraft. Your comment is simply useless and embarrassing, even as a reader. And, YES, i fly both 1st Class n Coach… as well as having spent 2 years as an In- flight Teammate with Virgin America. Shame on you.

    • I agree completely – passengers in coach are NOT paying for First Class. Cabin crews can move the cart back for people to get to the lavatories in their ticketed cabins. Many European Airlines do this and it’s one way that Virgin America has maintained the quality of service in the First Class cabin.

    • Yes. On a recent AS flight SFO-PSP, they didn’t even close the curtain! I was in main cabin, but, looking forward, I wondered how those people who paid extra to be in First would feel.

  24. First class seating in Virgin flights is superior to every other airline. By adding seats, please don’t reduce legroom or recline. Once first class seats become the same as American / United, their increased flight availability trumps the advantage VA currently has.

    • Yes, bring over the VA first class seating to Alaska.

      Love Alaska and what it’s doing though!

    • I would carry Justyn’s remarks to your economy section. Your legroom in your economy section has as much legroom as United Economy Plus seating without paying additional fees. I am a tall person with long legs so I very much appreciate the legroom I get – PLEASE don’t reduce this. I was also very impressed and pleased to find the same generous and comfortable legroom on your Horizon Air flights as well. Don’t change this!

    • I agree. VA First is second only to Jet Blue Mint when it comes to domestic airlines. Please do everything possible not to downgrade the experience.

    • Agree! And how about those fat, leather seat belts even in main cabin on VA?

  25. How about one or two more non-stop daily flights out of Chicago to LA, SFO, and OAK!!

  26. I have never flown on Virgin but a love the care that Alaska displays to customers. I hope Alaska continues to expand available flights out of SMF Sacramento!

  27. You made flying cool again. I don’t know how you guys did it… but the bring-your-own-device free entertainment (+in-seat power) the new turn-your-bag overhead bins, and in-air messaging… Alaska seems to have figured out the customer-centric approach that most other airlines have forgotten.

    MORE IMPORTANTLY you treat us like humans. THANK YOU. Despite all of Alaska’s growth & change, you’ve never let go of your commitment to creating an airline that people love or your roots to the 49th state.

    Marilyn Romano’s article about Alaskan Brewing Co. in this month’s AA magazine really embodies the pioneering spirit and unyielding bond between Alaskans working together to do great things.

    • All you need now it to adopt the no change or cancellation fee as SWA does and you would be at the top of the list and there would be no reason for anyone to fly any other airlines EVER! Diana G-California

  28. I started flying Alaska regularly after Continental merged with United, and when United’s poor service won out in that merger. Alaska had finally added nonstop MSY-SEA and was a breath of fresh air, with great fares, good perks for MVPs (things United had taken from Continental fliers), and reliable service at convenient times.

    I don’t know what I was missing on Virgin, because they never went where I was going, but I am convinced that Alaska is by far the best remaining airline in the country. No one has offered such consistently good customer care and service in my experience than Alaska. The additions to Alaska’s on-board service will only make a great airline better.

  29. Sounds great. Only other suggestion, and streaming-capable wifi may cover some of this (with WatchESPN), but would like to get live TV as on SW and Delta — never fun to fly during a big sporting event without it.

    • Dont care about sports x the Anericas Cup but if they have live tv please carry fox and rt. Nothing worse then having lsm nbc like on American.

  30. I’ve flown Alaska almost exclusively for 30 years, but never quite enough each year to make MVP status. It would be nice to reward the cumulative miles of loyal customers.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more. I have been flying with Alaska since my grandchildren were born 14 years ago, and never achieve MVP status. I rely on bonus miles. I hate watching the flight attendants deliver their free drinks, etc.

  31. Nice announcement, and good news all around!! Would love if you’d bring back Athena water and the nice little prayer notes on the trays in first class. It would also be great to have the option to upgrade to Premium Class ONLY if an aisle or window seat is available (I’d prefer a main-cabin aisle over a Premium middle). Thank you.

  32. I’d gladly give up ambiance, new uniforms, mood music, etc. for 6 more inches of leg room.

  33. What I see here is accomodations mainly to First Class passengers of complainers that don’t like other passengers through to the restrooms or young children under 12 to be in First Class…I have a better suggestion…Just make all seats throughout the plane the same and get rid of First Class except for some seating toward the front premium seats with that little bit of extra space for the whiners…Everyone that boards a plane is a paying passenger and not one single person is better than another..Everyone is equal and should be treated that way…We flew another Airline last year with 2 grand children and all seats were the same with some premium seating…No Complaints from those that bought premium seats and the restrooms were open to all…A no Frills airline but still got us to and from our destination…We prefer Alaska over the No Frills without all the First class snobs who really should consider flying in a Private Jet… I just found these comments ridiculous from First Class Passengers ,all about ME,Me,Me…

    • While a couple of the First Class comments were snobbish (it would be illegal and wrong for the airline to refuse to book a child in First Class, for example), a First Class passenger generally pays for the experience. Or is highly brand loyal. There’s nothing wrong with that, nor is it fair for you to stereotype all First Class passengers with such a broad brush.

      I like my occasional First Class upgrades and have also paid for it a time or two. About the only “negative” I’ve noticed is that Alaska asks passengers to use the lavatories in their respective cabin, but doesn’t enforce it. It’s only a problem if other First Class passengers are waiting for the one lavatory in First Class; there are 3 in the Main Cabin.

    • I totally agree with you regarding first class passengers. I am retired and receive social security checks (not much $) and fly to visit grandchildren. The majority of first class flyers do not pay personally for their seats i.e. business corporate people and receive all the free drinks, food, comfort, etc. Great to have expense accounts!
      Alaska loyal flyer.

  34. Because of food allergies, I’d like the ingredient list accessible. We love Alaska Air!

  35. Please adapt all of the first calss seating on Alaska to mimic Virgin. Lately, Alaska has added an extra row of seating in first class – it is terrible. The seat in front of you is in your lap, there is no leg room and we still pay the cost of first class. Value your customers. Look at Virgin’s First Class and get a clue. Thank you.

  36. Have flown on the new Alaska 737-900 Extended Range planes that have the huge space bins overhead and the blue mood lighting. I believe all of the Virgin America customers will enjoy flying on Alaska as you notice the difference with all of the front line employees.

  37. It’s all good except the downgrading of Virgin First Class on transcons. Other airlines are offering lie flat seats, which are especially in demand on red-eyes. Virgin’s 55-inch pitch isn’t exactly lie flat, but you can get some decent sleep before arriving. Going to a 41 inch pitch puts your red-eye at a huge disadvantage against the competition. Otherwise, as I said, it’s all good and you folks have handled the merger well.

  38. Alaska travel with Expedia is poor. The website is outdated you can’t even confirm seats.

  39. A small, silly request: the Virgin America safety video offered a delightful alternative to the unrelentingly generic FAA safety presentation. Added a little fun to that compulsory event, and likely captured more eyeballs.

    Not asking for an exact copy, but please keep the spirit.

    • We have been enjoying a light hearted interpretation of the safety presentation for years at Alaska Airlines. I am sure it depends a lot on the cabin crew and their personalities to bring that out. Between the two companies, lets hope that our future will see presentations that are memorable as well as entertaining. No better formula for remembering.

  40. Virgin is one of the most desirable and respected brand names in the world. Can’t believe somebody at corporate decided to drop that name! The Alaska brand name doesn’t even come close. Long term revenues and customer loyalty will suffer from this, in my opinion.

    • Having been with corporations that have been subject to name change, we are not privy to the reasoning behind these decisions. Virgin is a reasonable latecomer to airline travel having in part utelized the ‘Laker’ model for its trans Atlantic routes. Its reputation, while certainly reputable in their markets cannot and will not compete with the likes of ‘Quantas’, ‘Singapore’, ‘Lufthansa’, ‘British Airways’ and other reputable international carriers.
      Alaska started out as a regional carrier with a good reputation that expanded into a larger, regional and more recently, country wide carrier with a very good reputation. Each company brings attributes to the table but attempting to retain both names, beyond a merging period, is awkward to say the least.
      In addition, in each merger or purchase, one company sells and one company purchases. If Virgin America had been purchasing Alaska Airlines, perhaps the name change would have been in the opposite direction and Alaska’s customers would no doubt have been disappointed instead.
      ‘Alaska’ is a good marketing name globally at this time and I have no doubt that management considered that as well as other factors in their decision.

  41. Please drop Horizon Air from Seattle to Vr. Not up to bad weather – scary.

  42. As Alaska Gold, and a stockholder, and a never-was-a-Boeing employee, I believe that if Alaska is a Seattle based airline, you should remain loyal to Boeing aircraft. I understand that you essentially purchased/inherited VX plane inventory, but I am sad that Alaska will no longer be loyal to Boeing. 🙁

  43. Right on Alaska! My family have been flying with since our daughter at age 5 would look up in the sky and say there my daddy.. My husband would take Alaska with the man on the wing.. Her sister would that’s not daddy.. I would say yes it is : ) Our kids age now is 40 tomorrow and 35 it been a long time.
    Thank You Alaska for the upgrade, Good Staff, Our k

  44. I love Alaska and fly 4-5 times a year from SAN to SEA, SAN to MCO and GEG to SAN, and Horizon in the PNW. I fly first only at check in if available upgrade and it is a treat for people like me who can’t afford it all the time. I am looking forward to flying on one if your Virgin America flights. Keep up the great work, Alaska!!

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