Alaska and Virgin America: Creating an airline people love

Imagine arriving at the airport and immediately feeling welcomed to a fresh, modern experience.

You know you’ll reach your destination on time with minimal hassle, and the airline you’ve chosen offers consistently low fares and more nonstop flights to more destinations from the West Coast than any other. At your gate, you can’t help Shazaming every song on the upbeat playlist, and the overhead announcements tell you what you need to know with a healthy dose of fun.

On the plane, you make your way to a comfortable leather seat in a mood-lit cabin. For the next three hours, you’ll enjoy fresh, West Coast-inspired food and drinks; Free Chat with friends and family on the ground via iMessage, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp; and all the free movies you have time to watch. Not to mention the personal power outlets throughout the cabin, so your devices arrive at your destination as ready for adventure as you are.

Your airline is unconventional, just like you are.

It’s 2019 and this is how we’re defining the future of Alaska Airlines. Every element from the most functional (the welcome message on the airport kiosk) to most expressive (the lights and music brightening the lobby) has been carefully curated with the idea of making each travel experience truly enjoyable.

After months of research and in-depth conversations with fliers, we’ve made the difficult decision to retire the Virgin America name and logo likely sometime in 2019. However, many of the elements you love about Virgin America will live on, paired with Alaska’s unbeatable performance and top-rated customer service. Our colleagues at Virgin America built something truly amazing over the past decade, and it’s our goal to honor what they achieved while taking it one step further.

After months of in-depth conversations with loyal Virgin America guests and long-time Alaska fans, we’re ready to take what we’ve learned and make it reality – with a twist.

New and expanded amenities:

Low fares and convenient flights to the places you want to go

Alaska and Virgin America have been actively growing their newly combined networks since officially merging in December 2016. Earlier this month, we announced 21 new markets with 25 new daily departures out of San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles and San Jose, California – marking the largest addition of routes in company history.

Modern, warm and welcoming vibe

You’ll begin to see some of the new Alaska brand personality come to life throughout 2017, to create a warm and welcoming West Coast vibe throughout the guest journey. Music from fresh new artists will be featured on planes, in airport lobbies and at gates. In 2018, we’ll debut an entirely redesigned cabin with new seats and amenities, and we’ve already started to retrofit select Boeing aircraft with expressive blue mood lighting. Modern, stylish uniforms by fashion designer Luly Yang will roll out in mid-2019 for flight attendants, customer service agents, pilots, mechanics and ground crew.

Reliable, high-speed Internet

Many of the fliers surveyed shared that they’re frustrated with unreliable in-flight Wi-Fi. Alaska’s leaders heard them loud and clear, and beginning in fall 2018 will be retrofitting all Boeing passenger jets with high-speed satellite Wi-Fi (fast enough to watch movies or TV shows via your favorite streaming service!), with the remainder of the Airbus fleet to follow. Both fleets are planned to be fully satellite-equipped by the end of 2019.

More premium seats

Earlier this year, Alaska introduced a brand-new Premium Class seating section with 35 inches of pitch and complimentary beer, wine and cocktails. Beginning in the fourth quarter of 2018, the airline will add 18 new Premium Class seats to Airbus aircraft, as well as adding first class seats (going from eight seats to 12) customized for enhanced comfort: 41 inches of pitch, improved seatback storage pockets, cup holders, footrests and personal power outlets throughout the cabin.

More rewards

In 2018, Alaska Mileage Plan will become the sole loyalty program for both airlines, offering guests more rewards, an expansive global partner network and the only major airline loyalty program that still rewards a mile flown with a mile earned on Alaska and Virgin America flights. Members of Alaska Mileage Plan enjoy some of the most generous benefits in the industry including complimentary upgrades, award travel starting at 5,000 miles one-way (plus taxes and fees) and a faster path to elite status compared to other airlines. With Alaska and Alaska Global Partners, members can earn and redeem miles to more than 900 destinations worldwide.

Complimentary upgrades

With expanded premium seating options comes more opportunities for complimentary upgrades for elite loyalty program members. Alaska’s elite-level frequent fliers enjoy the industry’s most generous upgrade policy. Mileage Plan MVP Golds and above are upgraded to First Class or Premium Class 75 percent of the time (based on average historic system wide rates of upgrade) on Alaska Airlines flights. Complimentary upgrades on Airbus flights will debut for the first time ever in late 2018 – a brand-new perk for Virgin America elites.

Free movies

In January, we made our entire catalog of more than 200 direct-to-your-device premium in-flight movies and TV shows free. Starting now, free entertainment on guests’ own devices will be a permanent feature on our Boeing fleet and the same free library of movies and TV shows will expand to Airbus aircraft via Red entertainment system in August 2017. Guests on Airbus aircraft will continue to enjoy access to early release movies for purchase.

Free Chat

Also in January, Alaska debuted Free Chat onboard, allowing guests to stay connected to friends and family on the ground via Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and iMessage. In August 2017, we’ll introduce Free Chat to Airbus-operated flights.

West Coast-inspired food and beverage

Together with Virgin America, we’re continuing to enhance our fresh, healthy, West Coast-inspired onboard food and beverage menus. Guests of both airlines enjoy craft brews, premium wines and delicious food options. By June 2017, Alaska First Class passengers will be able to pre-select meals before they fly, and by early 2018, Alaska’s Main Cabin passengers will be able to pre-pay for their meals before they fly. Food pre-ordering will be extended to Airbus flights sometime in the future

Lounge expansion

By early 2019, guests will enjoy refreshed and expanded airport lounges in Seattle, Portland and Los Angeles. Alaska also plans to build brand-new lounges in San Francisco and at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport. Together, the expansion plans will double the square footage of our existing airport lounges. And don’t forget – Alaska Lounge members also enjoy access to more than 60 partner lounges throughout the United States and around the world.

What other elements or amenities would you love to see onboard in the future?

419 comments on "Alaska and Virgin America: Creating an airline people love"

  1. I think Alaska is the absolute best airline I’ve flown in the past 20 years – Keep it up – your smiling, helpful service is unsurpassed!

  2. We love Alaska, but the only improvement we need is to be able to fly direct from Bend/Redmond to LAX. When is that going to happen?

  3. Any way to find out what the actual last farewell flight under Virgin will take place??? That might be a fun flight to be on to say goodbye.

  4. The last two times I’ve flown Alaska, the flight crew “timed-out” canceling my flights and forcing me to wait hours for another flight. I wasn’t notified until I arrived at the gate to board. It’s happened to several of my co-workers too when flying Alaska too. It’s very frustrating.

    My hope would be that this new effort by Alaska would also include better scheduling of their employees or flight crews on stand-by in the event of these “timed-out” situations. I was never a fan of Southwest, but they’ve never canceled my flight or left me stranded at the airport for hours.

  5. When you make extra room for the first class folks, does this mean the rest of us suffer with our knees in our throat? It’s already crowded in coach.

  6. It all sounds terrific, thanks, but with one major exception: the music “featured on planes, in airport lobbies and at gates.”

    Alaska, please! The only truly “warm and welcoming vibe” in the gate and lobby area is SILENCE. Please, please, please don’t force music on us in your public areas. Keep the PDX model of beautiful, peaceful silence.

  7. I fly mostly for business, worldwide, and I’ve only flown Virgin once. But I am MVP Gold and a long time customer since I’m from Seattle, and I am pleased at all the route zadditions. Getting to Washington National nonstop was a great beginning to the long haul additions to the schedule. And Miami/Fort Lauderdale and the Texas cities too. So all I ask is that the steady reliable Alaska service continue. And Alaska employees I talk to say it’s the best to work for too, and that certainly shows in the dependable customer service when something unusual causes you to need it. Oh, and I am 6’4″ and I like the new profile seats!

  8. I was on board one of your new 737-900s last October. The difference was incredible. The air quality was significantly better. The lighting was great. Love you guys.

  9. Nice improvements for sure….would like to suggest exploring tagging checked luggage for “priority” handling for first class/MVP Gold/Gold 75 ideally, getting those delivered first to the carousel.

  10. I would agree with a few other comments that the newly redesigned First Class cabins should offer additional benefits for trans con flights. Lie flat seats and “pods” enhance the experience for a 6+ hour flight, especially red eye flights.

  11. That all sounds terrific for Alaska Airlines. The few times I’ve flown on your airline, it has been a very pleasant experience.
    My basis for comparison is the 13 years I’ve been at the Executive Platinum, which include the last two years that have required 120K miles. Alaska Airlines bests American in every
    category; departure time, arrival time, not having to effect maintenance at the gate, seating comfort, flight attendants who are routinely polite and personable (the legacy American attendants are not included in that comment). I especially like the non-punitive charges for a flight change policy Alaska has. In fact, I can only think of one short-coming for your airline. It doesn’t fly out of Dallas-Fort Worth.
    Please strongly consider initiating at least a handful of flights out of DFW. Within a few months, more American passengers, notably the frequent fliers, of which there is a very large group, will be switching their preferred airline to Alaska. And, really, you don’t have to make any of the changes listed in your blog. You’re already well beyond what American has to offer.

  12. I like the news about lighting and Wi-Fi and new seats. Since I am 6 ft. 5 ” tall, I would
    Love some news about more leg and knee room. It is difficult to enjoy a free movie and
    improved lighting when your knees are crammed in one forced position.

  13. Thank you Alaska Airlines. I’ve been a loyal (nearly exclusive) Alaska Air flyer since 2001. The proposed upgrades to the fleet and benefits for frequent flyers look great. With the merger of the Virgin flyers, I would like to see another tier for the Mileage Plan.

  14. Your customer service is the very best. I would love to have GPS and flight information built in the seat in front. That will really set you apart. Keep up the good work. Thanks so much. Steve Chittenden

  15. So sad to see Virgin America go ……I think you should have operated them separately I fly twice a month with Virgin. I might have to look at jet charter after 2019.


  17. There will need to be a separate transcontinental fleet with lie flat seats soon as Alaska will need those to stay competitive, I am sure they will come sooner rather then later.
    Also if it is to protect home turf in Seattle where the competition is using these planes

  18. I am wondering how Boeing is reacting to the fact that AS will no longer be called an All Boeing airline? I am also wondering why you (AS) decided to keep the Airbus fleet? At least it is eluded to in this article with the upgrades. Also if that is true when will you begin to paint the Airbus’s in AS livery?

  19. Here’s what I’d like to see:

    1. Continuation of Virgin America food ordering from your seat.
    2. A strong, well-designed, real-time in-flight app for flight tracking & info.
    3. Built-in cup holders for all economy seats without having to open the full tray table.
    4. Snacks included!
    5. 1 checked bag free of charge.
    6. Smaller carry-on bag restrictions (much smaller bags!) so boarding & deplaning goes quickly—and there’s always extra overhead bin room.
    7. Optional baggage delivery service to home or hotel (for a fee!)
    8. Automated seating system to help people traveling together (but booking later) get seats together, even when there are none together.
    9. Free same-day standby for earlier flights.
    10. At-seat bathroom queues to reduce aisle standing!
    11. Ability to hear the pilots more regularly discuss what you’re flying over, listen to air traffic control, etc. for those who are interested.
    12. Front & Rear simultaneous boarding wherever possible.
    13. Humidifiers in flight to reduce dry-ness and create a more hospitable environment.
    14. Extra benefits for middle seat fliers: free food or wifi?
    15. $99/year “Alaska Prime” membership — free food, free wifi, baggage delivery service included, etc.
    16. Better food options: cold pressed juices, fresh salads, etc.
    17. RFID-tagged baggage that pushes you a notification that your bag is successfully on board, and ETA for bag arrival at baggage claim.
    18. Custom food orders ahead of time to manage on-board food and broader selection.
    19. Real-time push notifications to your app based on airport maps, your current location + walk time, and boarding time to ensure every passenger arrives on time for boarding but can freely roam the airport and still receive all communications from the gate agents.

  20. I’m concerned with satellite wifi. United tried this and it is horrible! Maybe it has improved but wary over single point of convergence bandwidth challenges satellite brings.

  21. As a bay area resident, i have come to love Virgin America, but i have been a loyal Alaska Airlines for many years and i think the future will be bright and I am happy to see new cabin design on Alaska planes. Always liked the cabins in the 90s and 2000s, but the introduction of the current recaro seats brought a bland look to the cabin that i missed in previous ones.

  22. Flights from Phoenix to Los Angeles! Bring back the Horizon flight from Los Angeles to Flagstaff to Prescott. Several thousand people a week take van-shuttles to Phoenix. ..they would fly to Los Angeles in a heart beat!

  23. Love, love, LOVE Alaska Airlines. Thanks for taking such great care of us when we fly. I would love it if you would consider carrying a premium Kentucky bourbon like Woodford reserve (like your competitor) or maybe Bulliet or Bulliet Rye whiskey. Jim beam or jack Daniels are very low end to average products and market data should show how much premium bourbon and rye whiskeys have spiked in demand over the past 10 years.

  24. I just want to arrive on time. 6 of my last 7 flight experiences were either delayed or cancelled. On top of that, while I was the last person to not get upgraded on a flight (am MVP Gold), because “First Class was booked full”, after I took my seat, 2 uniformed crew members boarded and occupied 2 FC seats!. Repeated contacts with AA “Customer Service” personnel garnered me some “hush ” vouchers, but not a single explanation. Pretty much fed up with Alaska….

  25. What about bringing seatback entertainment to Boeing planes? I agree with other Virgin customers that emphasizing the exclusivity of first-class or premium class is important for us to see value and buy-in. A rope stanchion does that easily and effectively. Please be sure to update Virgin America Elevate Credit Cardholders on what this means for us as well. A timeline for that transition would be very helpful.

  26. Love it! can’t wait to see the new enhancements! any plans to refresh/upgrade the regional horizon planes? they’re a bit outdated and could use some love (Q400’s particularly)

  27. I’ll miss Virgin’s mood lit interior and cabin staff! I have enjoyed Virgin on ALL of my flights. Glad you are keeping the Airbus A320/319 fleet. The Boeing 800’s, 900ER’s have the nice Dreamliner luggage bins. These are more spacious than the ones on the present Virgin Airbus fleet. I have only been on one “sharklet” model of Virgin and believe those luggage bins are nearly the same size on the remainder of their Airbus fleet. I am ANCIENT, 72 years of old, so change is a bit more difficult for me but I am able to adapt…eventually.
    Thank you Alaska Airlines. Your plate is full with the addition of this new quality member to your group.

    • Quite contrary Alaska is a Seattle based airline and to buy Airbus seems, well, unpatriotic, (i have nothing to do with Boeing). They should have enough influence at Boeing to integrate anything that the 320 has without ditching it to fly on some foreign built plane. I’ve always adopted the ‘if it’s not Boeing, I’m not going’ approach in the past and will do so if Alaska goes that way as well.

  28. While I know it’s a major challenge to integrate two airlines, some basic things seem to have eluded you so far. Like not showing Virgin flights and departure gates on the reader boards in the Lounge. And the agents in the Lounge not being able to print out boarding passes for your return same day flight on Alaska from SFO when your leg down is on Virgin much less being able to find your departure gate. Might as well still be two completely separate airlines. Certainly does not make we want to utilize flights on both airlines.

  29. Sounds like the new product will be far superior to any other US airline!! I noticed the new slimline seats are not as comfortable as the old AS seats. When you update to the new style seats, can you make sure they are designed to be really comfortable for an entire transcon flight?… ie thicker and softer padding?

    • Agree! Just flew Seattle to Newark. Never again! Hates those seats. Both me and my friend had sore necks. Noe leg room. Very disappointing.

    • Agree with this statement. Also, what is going on in Boston Logan? Terrible gates with no access to any decent food. Any lounge capabilities on the horizon? I used to be able to use Delta’s lounge. This is my frequent flight – transcon. Would love deeper seats, and a better gate situation. Thanks. Gold flyer. Love Alaska and fly it everywhere.

  30. Great step forward, but you need to (and CAN) do more:
    • Alaska Lounge in San Diego (long overdue!)
    • Proper transcon First Class. You will not compete with American, Delta, United or even JetBlue’s Mint product with those seats on 6-hr flights between SFO/LAX and NYC or Washington DC. Lie flat for transcons is the 21st century!

  31. A compromise is better than total heartbreak, but those white leather seats and nightclub vibe will be oh-so sorely missed. #VXForever

  32. Thank god you are not keeping the Virgin seat back TV’s so annoying. Also the pinkish moodlight is annoying hopefully the blue will be better. It would also be nice if the giant power box be placed under the floor like on VX as the above floor boxes majorly reduce legroom and ability to follow the personal item under seat rule.

    • Adding to the “Poley King” comment, please consider putting a tickler into your booking system that does not allow a passenger who is traveling with an in-cabin pet to book a seat that has “the giant power box” that greatly imposes on legroom. It is impossible for an in-cabin pet to fit under the seat if we have to share the legroom space with that giant power box. I am all for in-cabin pets, and can concede to losing my legroom when I pay the in-cabin pet fee, but if my pet cannot share his/her space with “the giant power box” then I am not getting the value of that in-cabin pet fee. When this has happened to me in the past, the flight attendants reseat me (I sure hate to impose upon fellow travelers OR forfeit my upgrade seat when applicable). Since “the giant power box” is not identified in the seating chart, and they seem to not be consistent in which row/seat from aircraft to aircraft, I cannot proactively select a functional seat.

  33. Would love to see the option to buy priority screening and boarding continue like on Virgin right now! As a musician with extremely fragile and expensive instrument as my carry-on, it is absolutely worth the $20 to make sure I have bin space and I know many of my colleagues feel the same way.

    • LB…DOT regulations have changed recently requiring airlines to allow customers with instruments to pre-board!

  34. I’m a San Diego based 75K flier. I ‘d like to see a new boardroom added to San Diego. Alaska has greatly expanded in this market yet it’s an old and outdated terminal. What could enhance the experience is a new boardroom at this location. Alaska wouldn’t have to do a thing. The Alaska terminal has the former United Red Carpet Room. It closed when UA moved. The room is vacant. It could be opened with minimal remodeling.

    One thing that I love about Alaska is its frequent flyer program especially it’s elite program not requiring minimum dollars spent like the other big airlines.

    • I also live in San Diego and although I am not a 75K flier, I do fly Alaska Airlines several times each year. I completely agree with Michael re: the need for a boardroom in San Diego. The airport is undergoing renovation and perhaps there are plans for the old UA lounge, but if not – it is in the perfect location for Alaska. It might persuade me to purchase first class tickets more often if I was able to access a lounge at both ends of my trip.

      I fly several different airline carriers each year and Alaska is definitely my favorite. I love the service and your frequent flyer program is the best!

  35. I hate that we’ll be losing the screens and on-demand ordering during the flight though. I don’t want to watch a movie or TV show on my phone or any of my devices. We should still have a screen. Honestly, if I’m given the foresight to pre-order and prepay for food, I’ll probably pass. I am a last minute impulsive buyer and I’m infinity times more likely to purchase something from a screen then to flag down or press the call button and order from an attendant.

    • You’re not losing the chance to impulse buy food – but by preordering you guarantee they don’t run out of your choice before getting to your row

    • I also will mourn the loss of the personal screen, which is probably the main reason we choose Virgin for every flight we can. There is no comparison in ease and comfort. I will NOT be happy when that feature is eliminated. If you keep the Airbus planes, will the screens stay? And will I have to call ahead to find out which plane is flying on a particular flight?

    • I agree that I would like to keep the screens. I do not wish to trek around internationally with my lap top, and my phone, even with the larger screen, is not conducive to watch movies on 12+ hour flights.

    • Same. Biggest draw on Virgin for me, but main cabin Virgin customers are obviously not who they’re courting. Not everyone wants to bring an iPad everywhere they travel, and the ability to order a snack or drink when desired (instead of getting things at predetermined times when you may not want or need them) made a huge difference in their experience. The contrast between classes felt much less stark.

  36. While I understand that a first-class seat assignment is no guarantee of a perfect experience, the vast majority of your first-class flyers would be thrilled if you would draw a line and not book 12-and-under passengers in that particular cabin. I doubt you’ll lose much revenue, but you’ll gain much goodwill from your appreciative frequent flyers and those shelling out more $$ and miles for that experience.

    • And those 12 and under in first class are flying for free? Pound per pound, their parents are paying more for them to be in that cabin. 🙂

    • I completely disagree with this suggestion. I am a Gold 75K flyer and a benefit that my extensive business travel (and missing kiddo functions) offers to my family is to allow them to fly with me in 1st Class as a perk. As a flyer, I reserve the right to pay for, use miles to book, and/or upgrade to First Class is not an area that AS should have any opinion on.

    • I completely agree that a first-class seat assignment is no guarantee of a perfect experience. I have flown a lot of miles with Alaska (and other airlines) and have witnessed some appalling examples of poorly behaved passengers in both cabins. However, I take issue with your sweeping assertion that 12-and-under passengers are a major source of this problem, and that excluding them would somehow engender goodwill and increase revenues. Rather than children, the problem passengers tend to be full-grown adults who exhibit a selfish, over-entitled attitude, and whose behaviors are often exacerbated by excessive alcohol consumption.

      As an example, my daughter is 9 and has been a frequent flyer with Alaska (MVP or above) since she was 4. When seated in First, she is one of the least demanding, most pleasant passengers in the cabin. We have received numerous comments from flight attendants and fellow passengers who remark that she is truly a joy to fly with. To exclude my daughter (and my wife and/or myself) from First Class due to some arbitrary age cut-off would be unfair and discriminatory, and would certainly cause the airline to lose both revenue and goodwill from folks like us.

    • What about rich families with little kids? Do you expect us to sit in the back with the peasants?

    • This would be SUCH a huge improvement. I would personally shell out the extra $$$ if this was a guarantee. Last time I flew first class, I was next to a 6 year old child while her parents sat across the aisle and basically ignored her. NOT worth the extra $$$ at all.

    • I agree I have flown in First class with Lap Children. At least an older child has the ability to be occupied. However if they are willing to pay for first class for their children they should be allowed.

    • I love your idea, but don’t see it realistically ever happening.
      What I would settle for is a rule that ALL passengers (including babies/infants) must have their own seat in first class and use a child safety seat when appropriate for their age. This would not only be for the child’s safety but reduce about 99% of the children flying in parents laps.

    • Peace,
      That is a lot of assumptions and judgement against families and children when you use “12yo”, not behavior, maturity, ability, or parental responsibility as a determinant. In fact, that is age discrimination when no other factors are considered besides a demographic label. In your experience, what magically happens on the day of your 12th birthday? Did you spontaneously decided to grow up? Listen to your parents? Or became self sufficient? Why 12? Why not 16, 18, or 21? How about those with disabilities? Your comment shows we have much work to do in premature judgment, adults taking responsibility, consistent parenting, and kindness as a society. I fly every week and it’s working out great when I work with people than exclude.

  37. Too bad Kindle tablets aren’t compatible with your entertainment system! That means I either have to bring my laptop or watch movies, ect. on my iphone. Otherwise, I love Alaska and it’s always my first choice when flying.

  38. A CHOICE of food options in First class would be a nice start. Alaska lags big time in this regard!

    • “By June 2017, Alaska First Class passengers will be able to pre-select meals before they fly” – – – – sounds like if you preorder you will have choice

  39. I fly in and out of Chicago and Detroit mostly. With the recent changes with Delta there is no lounge available in Detroit. Is there one coming soon?

  40. This is great news. I’ve was an early Virgin America adopter and have been at Gold level since 2011. (Was even one of the original “Black Card VIP” members) We were all worried that the merger would ruin the Virgin America service, value and vibe we all love. It sounds like you’ve accepted the challenge to not only meet it but perhaps even go beyond! I really hope you succeed.

  41. keep the red rope between First & Main cabin! My biggest complaint about Alaska is the free-for-all unlimited cabin traffic in First. Its even worse when you are at an aisle and are sleeping, only to be awaken by a passenger grabbing your seat as they go up and down the aisle. This is NOT a problem on Virgin….

      • They have a point. If people could walk down the aisle without grabbing the seat and rocking it back and forth this wouldn’t be a valid complaint. But since they can’t the people who are paying double or triple the economy price should get a better experience than someone in economy.

    • AGREE TOTALLY! Keep the first class cabin and bathroom of limits to coach passengers, even those in premium coach.

    • Agreed. First Class should not be a main highway. Some flights are worse than others but come on Alaska – reaffirm and hold true to your policies. Example: The economy passengers are told the First Class bathroom is reserved for First Class passengers, however, once the flight is in air, here comes the economy crowd. If this offends you I’m not sorry. Buy the ticket then.

    • I agree. I have been on a few flights in first class and couldn’t believe the constant traffic of people.

    • Yes I agree that passengers from the main cabin passing through first class cabin is a problem.

    • First world problem. Good Lord. Thank your lucky stars you can even afford a ticket on an airplane.

    • I have been travelling on Alaska since 1984, travelling in both first class and coach. The description ‘free-for-all unlimited cabin traffic in First’ does not describe my experiences. If anything, it describes the opposite.
      As I do not know the market in which you fly, I cannot comment on the manners of your typical passengers but I fly mostly to and from Alaska on the Seattle and Portland routes. I have repeatedly met the same families and business travellers over the years. Maybe that is why we respect each other – we are neighbors !
      I hope you experience my type of passengers as you continue your travels.

    • Could not agree more. For those of us who pay for First Class, it’s really annoying to have a bunch of people in the aisle of the cabin and just occupying the lavatory they have not paid for (even if they upgraded with miles).

  42. Actual editable food salomon begals breakfasts something other then disgusting chicken rest of the day. HELLO SEATTLE BASED Airline NO SEAFIOOD OFFERING

  43. Virgin America leg room in first class needs to migrate to Alaska’s 737 fleet … night and day difference !!

    • I agree Martin! Nothing else like it (except international maybe). Also love the leg rest. Excited to see this coming to Alaska.

  44. So basically I only have about a year and a half to enjoy Virgin before it disappears. I knew this day would come. So sad.

      • I didn’t see anything about guaranteed power for coach, and it looks like the order from a screen isn’t being carried over. These are two critical components to flying on Virgin to me and why Alaska is going to suck.

      • Hi James – The majority of our Boeing fleet is outfitted with personal power outlets at every seat throughout the main cabin! It is very popular with our customers and we’re committed to keeping power at every seat when we unveil our redesigned cabin. As for on-demand ordering – no decision yet. Stay tuned!

      • Sounds like you’ve never really flown on Virgin. These “upgrades” to Alaska are downgrades to what’s already currently available on Virgin America.

    • Wayne, Virgin is getting absorbed and improved. If you think it’s sad, you haven’t flown Alaska yet. After one flight, you will realize why they are rated #1 – nine years straight now

  45. Alaska Airlines has been my favorite for many years. Your announced improvements make it only better.

    Now, if you would only add inter-island flights in Hawaii, you’d be perfect!

    • You made flying cool again. I don’t know how you guys did it… but the bring-your-own-device free entertainment (+in-seat power) the new turn-your-bag overhead bins, and in-air messaging… Alaska seems to have figured out the customer-centric approach that most other airlines have forgotten.

      MORE IMPORTANTLY you treat us like humans. THANK YOU. Despite all of Alaska’s growth & change, you’ve never let go of your commitment to creating an airline that people love or your roots to the 49th state.

      Marilyn Romano’s article about Alaskan Brewing Co. in this month’s AA magazine really embodies the pioneering spirit and unyielding bond between Alaskans working together to do great things.

    • As a decades long time Alaska Air member.. think Horizon prop plane puddle jumper Road Wartior.. I booked my first Sea/LAX flight last week.. so surprised at the ease and fun brought to all. Boarding, in flight, baggage handling.. in flight ease. Was skeptical but now covert. Leg room! Seat comfort.. angry paying for aisle seat at first. Now I get it! $114 r/t, then $40 for 5D seat! All worth it. LAX/SEA return.. 40 minutes early! Less that two hours.. 35 years flying.. first time that early anywhere! Remain loyal AKAIR major fan!

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