Alaska Airlines reveals new uniforms designed by Seattle’s Luly Yang

Alaska Airlines and Seattle fashion designer Luly Yang debuted a modern, West Coast-inspired, custom-designed uniform collection today.

At a fashion show this afternoon inside Alaska’s Sea-Tac hangar, employee models walked the runway, showcasing over 90 garments and accessories to thousands of employees. The design, which has been more than two years in the making, will clad 19,000 Alaska, Virgin America and Horizon Air unformed employees starting in late 2019.

Video: B-roll highlights

Watch or download the video:

Employee fashion show

Photos by Ingrid Barrentine



Video: Sketched to life – Luly Yang’s uniform designs, from sketchpad to runway

New uniforms in studio

Photos by Jeff Engelstad

14 comments on "Alaska Airlines reveals new uniforms designed by Seattle’s Luly Yang"

  1. Those brown shoes on pilots will look awful after a few walk around’s in the snow and deice fluid. Not going to work. Jackets look nice though.

  2. Guess I’m the odd one of the bunch. I thought the colors were somewhat drab and the styles not all that youthful. I do like the brightly colored ties/ascots/scarves.

    • Thanks, Susie! I was beginning to think I was the only person not on the bandwagon! (Not sure what happened to my comment!) I agree totally! I’d hoped (and rather expected) to see a blend of Alaska’s blue and Virgin’s reds, pinks and purples (like was done on the “More to Love” merger airline body), so am quite disappointed.

      I do like the dress with the white stripe — very fresh and fun — and also the one with the assymetical collar, but do not care for the brown color at all.

  3. Great job Luly. Very fresh look. I love wearing brown shoes. The combination is awesome. Congrats.

  4. Impressive! The use color, especially the vertical cream asymmetrical stripe on the navy/brown flight attendant dress is visually stunning & figure flattering. The pops of color also liven up the practical designs for ground/maintenance. Accessories & custom details are the finishing touch. Alaska & fashion fan congrats!

  5. Awesome! The men’s brown shoes are incredible! Looking forward to the evolution of Alaska over the next few years!

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