2015’s top #iflyalaska photos

In 2015, we saw more than 27,000 mentions of #iFlyAlaska on Instagram and Twitter, and passed more than 50,000 fans on Instagram. We’re closing out the year with some of our favorites.

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Happy New Year!

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Leaving Hawaii 1/12/15 #iflyalaska

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#iFlyAlaska because #WikkiStix

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I was flying back from Washington DC last night on @alaskaair and it took some team work to get this picture of Mt Rainier. The pilots got us back 30 minutes earlier than expected so we could make the sunset. I was in a window seat on the wrong side of the plane so asked the other passengers to pass my camera to the guy on the other side of the plane. He took a few pictures and passed it back. I changed the zoom and focus point and passed it back for some more shots. The other passengers really rallied for me last night and thanks Alaska for getting us home early. I posted the full version of this shot and the other picture on my facebook page listed in my profile #iFlyAlaska #pnw #mtrainier #rainier

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  1. I want to applaud your PDX crew yesterday (1/2) handling the desk at the 540 pm flight to LAX. We had tickets on the 830 pm flight and wanted to catch an earlier flight at 540. They got us 3 seats and even found our bags that came in from Minneapolis on a Delta flight so that our bags got on the earlier flight with us. That was excellent service!

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