The skies were clear and the sun was setting Saturday as Alaska Airlines flight 1225 took off, fueled by a force more powerful than jet fuel. The magic of 64 children and Santa’s elves helped propel the Boeing 737 on its annual pilgrimage from Spokane International Airport to the “North Pole.”

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This month, Alaska Airlines partnered with Macy’s to help fly Gadget the Elf to the “North Pole” to deliver the world’s longest wish list to Santa, as part of a special campaign for Make-A-Wish. Saturday Gadget flew from Chicago to Anchorage, Alaska on Alaska Airlines on his  way to the North Pole, and shares this blog about his adventures.


By Gadget the Elf, Guest Blogger

Hi everyone it’s me, Gadget the Elf! Santa chose me from all the other elves to bring him Macy’s world record breaking, longest wish list. It’s a huge responsibility, so I’m really proud to have been selected. I left the North Pole a couple of days ago and went to New York City to pick up the longest wish list—it’s my first time ever leaving the North Pole so I’m really excited!

My day in New York was great fun! After picking up the longest wish list, I was supposed to go to Penn Station, but I got a little turned around and ended up in Central Park! Then I was off to Chicago. It was awesome! Did you know they call it the Windy City?! I think it’s true, because it was definitely windy and cold when I was there—it felt just like home!

So … then I was on my way to Alaska, on this magical Alaska Airlines airplane! Did you know it was my first time flying? I’m a little afraid of heights, so I’ve never flown with Santa on his sleigh, but I think I’ve definitely conquered that fear! The plane was awesome! The flight attendants are super nice, they even told everyone on the plane that I was onboard and about my important mission to bring Macy’s longest wish list to Santa! The seats were super comfy, so I could rest up for my remaining journey. I could fuel up too because the food was delicious! My favorite meal on the menu was the cheeseburger—tastes just Santa grills ‘em!


It’s been such a fun adventure so far. I’m so thankful Santa chose me for this very important mission to bring him Macy’s longest wish list. I couldn’t have done it without all my friends I met along with way and the fantastic Alaska Airlines crew!​

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Imagine you’re at dinner in Seattle, enjoying a delicious meal at one of Tom Douglas’ landmark dining spots.  The next morning you’re booked on an Alaska Airlines flight and the idea of feasting on another  would be the perfect end to your Seattle vacation or mark the beginning of your journey to one of the more than 100 destinations Alaska serves.

Travelers can reserve their favorite meals with ease on Alaska’s Android app and mobile website up to 12 hours before their flight and pay when the flight attendant delivers the meal onboard. Mobile ordering on Alaska’s iOS app will be available later this week.Alaska_FoodReservation

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Introducing Alaska Beyond


By Halle Hutchison, Managing Director of Brand Marketing

I am proud and excited to introduce our new, improved Alaska flight experience: Alaska Beyond.

We share our customers’ love of discovery, and with every flight you take we are thrilled to bring you our latest finds, from indie hit movies direct to your own tablet, laptop or smart phone, to exciting food products sourced locally from the amazing places we fly.

Start exploring at 30,000 feet. Your journey becomes part of the adventure as you watch free entertainment, snack on artisan food and beverages, relax in our custom, leather, power-equipped seats, and enjoy our award-winning service. It’s all part of Alaska Beyond – a new flight experience designed to go above and beyond your expectations.

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At Alaska, we pride ourselves on knowing our food. Our food and beverage team scours our hometown of Seattle as well as the cities we fly for culinary inspiration, and offers this holiday shopping guide for the food-lover in your life.

We think your out-of-town relatives will be particularly impressed with all the Pacific Northwest has to offer.

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recycled leather bag

Reclaimed leather from replaced airplane seats will fly again as carry-on bags, thanks to a collaboration between Alaska Airlines and an innovative design team.

Alaska’s discarded leather found new life in the hands of Mariclaro, which makes bags and accessories from sustainable materials.

Bags made from Alaska Airlines leather: The Atlas Collection

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By Marie LeBaron, Make and Takes

Marie LeBaron is the editor of Make and Takes, a popular parenting site featuring kids’ crafts, home projects, recipes, parenting tips and more. She lives in Seattle with her family, and loves to travel.

Hey, it’s Marie from Make and Takes here and I’m happy to be sharing a fun idea today for families who love to travel!

We’re a big traveling family ­- we love to explore everywhere we can. You can usually find us at Disneyland, the beach, skiing in Utah or camping in the mountains. Our family is pretty good when it comes to flying. We’ve got our routine down to keep things as calm as possible, as my children’s energy is usually pretty high and excited when we fly. As we get all packed up, I make sure to have a variety of items all ready. Their backpacks are filled with things to play with on the airplane like a book or two, some coloring, and a few small toys that will fit in their pack.

With upcoming holiday travel, I thought it would be fun to come up with a new game for kids to play, a little something extra during the flight with this Airplane Scavenger Hunt printable – designed by Juliann Law. With this scavenger hunt, kids can get excited about arriving at the airport, waiting to board the plane, and flying as they search for all the items on the list!

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For the past four years, in rain, sleet and even snow, Alaska Airlines avionics technician Shannon Barry has been an “alternative commuter” in the purest sense.

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Alaska’s Salt Lake City team helped a customer get home as fast as possible during an emergency. Alec Robinson (second from left) was the ticket-counter lead that day.

When a mom in Las Vegas needed to reach her son in eastern Washington, Alaska Airlines’ Salt Lake City team used some “Alaska spirit” to help her get home as fast as possible, even though it meant putting her on a different airline’s flight.

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Alaska Airlines joins Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson in the fight against childhood cancer.

By Shaunta Hyde, Managing Director of Community Relations, Alaska Airlines

We may be closer than ever to curing childhood cancer. Imagine a world where a child who has cancer will receive treatment and no longer have to endure radiation or chemotherapy as part of the process. This is the new focus of research at Seattle Children’s Hospital. They believe they are on the brink of a new cure based around immunotherapy – a revolutionary treatment that harnesses the power of a child’s immune cells to fight cancer. Clinical trials are now underway and are producing exceptional results in quickly eliminating childhood cancer. Having our hometown children’s hospital be a part of the cure is nothing less than exceptional.

Today is the nationwide launch of the Strong Against Cancer campaign during the Seahawks-49ers game. Along with our Chief Football Officer Russell Wilson, Alaska Airlines is proud to partner with The Seattle Children’s Hospital Foundation with financial and marketing support. You will see many instances of this partnership in the media and on our social channels through the month of December and well into the new year.  You can also follow the Strong Against Cancer campaign on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

We need your help to be a part of the team and give hope to thousands of families and save lives today. Be a part of the launch on social and join in the text donation campaign and be sure to share the news with your friends and family.  We have much to be thankful for this holiday season and it starts with good health.


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